For about a month now I think someone has been following me. It appears to a man, tall, well-built and I’m guessing fairly young from his build. He’s always dressed head to toe in black, and wears a cap pulled low over his face. So I have never actually caught a good glimpse of how he looks.


  He just stands there…watching me. He never makes a move to get closer; always maintaining a safe distance. He appears on street corners, as I walk home from work. Outside shop fronts as I do my weekly food shop. He’s always there…watching me.


    I’ve even seen him hanging outside my work place. I have reported it my manager and on more than one occasion security have been called to see if they can catch him. Of course he always long gone by the time they get there.


I’ve even considered reporting it to the police. But seeing as I don’t know what he looks like and he’s not actually tried to approach me or hurt me in any way. I don’t think there is much they can do.


I’m getting scared. When it first started I saw him once every couple of days. But now it’s every day…multiple times of day.


  I’m scared that one day he is actually going to try something. I don’t know what he wants and I just wish he would leave me alone.


  As I sit typing this, I keep hearing noises outside in the back garden. Rustling noises, like someone is moving around out there.


  I’m too scared to look. Maybe’s he’s finally come to take me away. No one else is in the house…I’m all alone and its pitch black outside.


   I’m sat in the living room, on the sofa with my back to the door leading to the garden.


  Oh crap. Did I remember to lock the back door?


  As I’m mentally chastising myself for my stupidity. I hear the back door open and heavy footsteps walk inside.

    I’m panicking now. My breath coming out in harsh gasps, I make to jump to my feet and run. But then two gloved hands appear around my mouth and throat. I smell something strong invading my nose as he presses a cloth tightly to my mouth.

  Everything fades to black…




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