It was like any other ordinary day as a teenager and then my day just flipped like that me and my uncle were driving back from town late at night and my uncle starts acting really weird at the time I thought it was just because he was tired but then it got worse he started yelling for no reason after a little bit of yelling he started to calm down then we got to the house so we went in the house I went to sleep and then I started hearing noises coming outside at about 1 a.m. it was like this low growling noise given the fact that we have two dogs I didn't think anything of it at the time 1:30 a.m. I start to hear the noise again so I got curious and went to my uncle's room to tell him he wasn't in his room though so I thought that was a little weird it took me some guts to grab a pistol in a flashlight and go outside then I walked out the door a point in the flashlight around looking for what that growing was and then I saw something that would change my whole life I saw this thing standing on all fours staring at me what felt like minutes then jumped at me not being quick enough to pull the trigger it tackled me and started clawing at my chest then my face it was like that thing that all the time in its life to try to kill me eventually he stopped thanking I grab my 45mm and a shot at it I know it took several rounds to the face and some of the body it acted as if a 45 round was nothing it quickly took off in the other direction I walked in my house Uncle my uncle still wasn't there didn't know where I was until about 8:30 a.m. he walked in the front door completely naked my first words were what happened did that thing come after you too he stood there staring at me intently and then told toldme to get him a towel my thoughts from this day is he's a werewolf I asked him to this day where he was that night to this day hoping to get a good explanation and he never answers
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