I remember being not that old, maybe 12 or 13 years old. My School class was going on a weekend Tour. I was just starting in 7th grade, so my old class was goin on a last Tour with just all the Boys. We were going to Camp in the middle in a forrest i Denmark, and sleep in tent's. We were going to eat junk food and drink Coca cola all Night, and Tell horror stories all Night When we were going to sleep. That eventuelle didn't happend, we all Fall asslep late at Night and then that was over. But one story was told, about monsters in the forrest, But my friend never finished the story berfore we all was asslep. Later that Night i woke and could feel that i should pee really bad, so i took a step out of my sleeping bag and out of the tent. I was a really small Camp with many ten't all over the place, so i decided to go a little deep into the forrest and let my pee out while i was listinding to birds making Sound and the trees moving at the top. That wasn't was really happend't. Eariler that Night my friend woke me up becuse of some dog or Wolf Sound coming from a long distance, it was kinda creepy But we eventuelle Got into a deep sleep not long aften Those Sound. But anyway, i was going to pee, so i Got into the forrest and was going to find a good spot to let i out. While i was standing There letting my pee out, i thought about Those Wolf Sound agien, and Got a little scary if i was going to experince Those Sound agien, becuse i was standing in the middle of the forrest and peeing, and yes Those Wolf Sound came agien, But this time They were diffrent, like somthing ive never experince before. It was almost like a scream with a really cold and scary voice, the scream Got louder and louder and i Got really scared. I was done peeing and was almost running back to the Camp. But When i was going to turn around to the Camp, a Big deer was standing in the Bush, i was standing still like a tree and just looked at it, But at is was getting out of the Bush it didn't look like a deer anymore. I couldn't really see it clear becuse i was standing a little bit awey from it and it was really dark, But i could see enough of it to regret it, it had really White skin and arms like slenderman, the cretures head was like a deer and it had nails AS long AS my fingers. My body was frozen and i couldn't move one finger until it ran into the Woods. I was Quick back in my tent and Falled asleep really Quick. Next morning i was just thinking about AS a Dream. And i never told anyone about it.
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