Let's just start things of like this. I was born in California, but I was raised in Mexico from when I was 3 to 18. I lived in a rural part of mexico called Zacatecas. I'd really never seen anything creepy, but every year when the whole family would gather, I would always live to hear their stories. I lived In a ranch with about 6 houses. There would 2 houses right next to eachother with one with a little field. Then in the middle some horse stables and a little old school the size of a one story house. In the middle if the school was a yard.

Then about 300 yards away from everything was what we call a liezno *Lee en zo*. It was a big ring with a wall that is 60 meters long with dirt  where we would host parties known as coleaderos. *Col ee a deros*. Its a Mexican thing. My cousins and I would always take the horses their and practice. One day we were doing our normal things.

Playing, working out the horses, and at night making fires. But this day was different. We decided to go to the lienzo. We to chill for a little while there. The lienzo had these bleachers where it would oversee all of the lienzo. We were going to stay up there for a little bit. We decided to try to make a fire up there which we were successful at. It was pretty fun for a while. We'd stayed there for about 3 hours when one of my cousins says "guys look over there". We all looked at the direction he pointing at and there is a figure.

It was dark so we could only see a shadow moving in the big ring. One of my cousins had brought a flashlight and when he shone at that figure it was the scariest thing I had ever seen. There in the light is this dog shaped creature.

It looked like one of the dogs from the ranch but with no hair. It had a longer than average snout with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the light. It had 2 big front teeth We could see red stains on these 2 teeth which we though was blood. Its eyes we two yellow balls. We started at It which seemed like forever which in real time was about 30 seconds before it made this howl kind of sound that shook the bleachers we were on.

Then it just walked off while showing its teeth at us and looking at us the whole way. I think I ran into el chupacabra
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