To start this off. Let me say, over the course of my short life, I have had many supernatural experiences. Or, I would just lose my mind for brief moments, over the span of my life. I will begin, by trying to chronologically list all of my experiences, leading up to my most recent experiences this year. For some idea, I will say, I live in a small town in Colorado, literally, there are only about 1,000 people here, maybe. Been living here my entire life, and I am 24 years old.

The first instance I remember was when I was a little kid, and I mean, little. I was in second grade, and I had a favorite teacher, so I was staying up all night to perfect a poem I was copying for my teacher to give to her as a gift. It was the poem about Jesus walking beside a man in the sand. I don't quite remember it. Anyway, living in my old house, there was a floorboard in the kitchen that would creak anytime someone stepped on it. The only person who could come into the kitchen without me seeing, would have been my brother Jacob, as he was sleeping down the back hallway at the time. My sister was sleeping in my parents room with my dad, and my mom was at work. Well I sat at a small night table that I was using for a desk at the time, trying to write this poem down perfectly. I heard a creak in the kitchen, mindlessly, I called out "Jacob?" When I didn't get a reply, I looked up from the 50th piece of paper, but, no one was in the kitchen. Shrugging it off I went back to writing. If I made a mistake, instead of erasing it, and continuing, I crumpled up the paper, threw it on the floor, and started a new one. So half way threw my current piece of paper, probably number 51, I heard the creak come from the kitchen again. "Jake?" I said looking up to the kitchen as I said this. To my absolute horror, there were two huge dogs in my kitchen. They were, white... but not solid, like they had been sketched onto a piece of paper, then brought to life. They had glowing red eyes. I just sat there, stunned, un-moving. Then, the one on my right, took a step forward, as it put it's weight onto it's foot, I heard the kitchen floor creak again. This made them very real, not some delusion, they were making the creaking sound. I lost my shit. Screaming as I ran into my parents room, that they was a ghost in the kitchen. I woke up my dad, and to his annoyance, my little sister, who started crying at the thought of a ghost being in the house. To this day, I haven't seen them again, but I will never forget them.

The next instance I remember, I was maybe 8 years old, we were having a family reunion at a lake. Myself, my siblings, and my cousins were playing tag in the lake. It was really fun, as I was a pretty good swimmer, even at that age. I took to it effortlessly, in fact I got yelled at earlier that afternoon for trying to swim from one side of the lake, to the other. I made it about half way before my parents saw me, and screamed at me to swim back and stay near the shore. Annoyed I swam back to supposed safety. Well while we were playing tag, at some point I ended up chasing my cousin who was a year older then me, Alec, he dived into the water avoiding my hand as I reached out for him. I dived, following him, opening my eyes under the water, I could see his legs. I swam hard to catch him, but somehow he had swam up, above me, then behind me. I spun around looking for him, and there he was further away from me, he was fast, but I could see his face smiling at me through the murky water. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. He looked just like Alec. I swam at him, as I got closer, I realized, it wasn't Alec. It was a different boy, his dark eyes staring into mine with a huge toothy grin on his face. His teeth were dirty, like they had rotted, and his skin, had weird abrasions on it.  I let out a scream under the water, and swam straight up, as I surfaced, choking on nasty lake water, I looked around. I saw Alex, over by my brother and sister, and younger cousin Tay. I was alone. I felt something grab my leg. Not threateningly, more like, it was tagging me. I swam fast and hard to my brother and sister. Not giving off that I was absolutely terrified, thankfully, we were being called to eat lunch, and we all left. I wouldn't go back into the water that day, or ever again. I have not swam in a lake or river, or even a creek sense that day. I'm terrified of the water. I'm scared that I'll see something that shouldn't be there. Recounting it now, makes my spine feel like jello, and I have an intense churning in my stomach. 

The next instance involved myself, my sister, and her best friend Julie, who would be staying the night with us. I was 10 at the time, so that would have made my sister and her friend 9 years old. Well we were all hanging out in the living room, doing whatever the hell little girls do. My dad suggested that we have pizza for dinner that night. So he and my brother left to get pizza and soda. The three of us stayed home, wanting to hang out and play together. My mom was at work, so we locked the front door behind my dad and brother, my dad reminding us to do so before leaving. Well about ten minutes in to us being alone, we started hearing shouting, coming from outside. Right in our front yard. A little scared, and a lot curious, we decided to go to the back room to see what was going on. Before doing so, I once again checked to make sure that the front door was locked. Quietly we all sneaked to the back of the house, to the room my sister and I shared. The entire way back, the shouting continued, then it erupted into what sounded like a battle. Gun shots could be heard, there was screaming. We ran to the room, and carefully peaked out the window, to our abject terror, we saw what looked like, Cowboys and Native Americans fighting in our front yard. We watched, wondering when police were going to show up, and stop the little skirmish of about 30 people in our front yard. It wasn't until a Native American man stopped in front of our window, and looked up at us, he had blood all over the right side of his face, a hole in his head where his eye, and part of his jaw should have been. He looked unimaginably angry. Screaming we all ran from the window. I shouted to make sure every door and window was locked. We found the biggest blanket we could and we all hid underneath it. Scared. It felt like hours, but finally my dad and brother came home. Immediately, we started shouting at him about the people who were fighting in the front yard, and that we got scared, but we made sure everything was locked. He said that was smart of us, and told us everything would be OK. Later that night, we were all relaxed, hanging out in mine, and my sister's room. Julie, said that she was too scared to stay the night, and she wanted to go home. So we told our parents, and left with Julie to walk her home. Our town is small, so they didn't have a problem with us leaving late at night alone. Well we had to walk through a small park to get to Julie's house. As we were walking I found a long chain on the ground. It actually took the three of us to carry to keep it from dragging on the ground and making a bunch of noise. As we were rounding a small bend a dog came running up from behind us. It was a doberman, barking, growling, snarling, it stood about ten feet away from us. Just endlessly barking at us. We shook the chain at it, and even slapped the chain on the ground trying to scare it off, but it would not move. Just stood still, barking at us, it wouldn't come closer, even as we turned our backs on it and walked away. Julie was crying, but we got her home. My sister and I kept the chain, in case we needed it to protect ourselves from the dog, but as we walked through to park, the dog was gone. We made it home without further incident.

The fourth instance that I remember, isn't like the other ones. It was, more surreal and beautiful then terrifying. I was about 11 years old, I was walking with my best friend Mackenzie. I was staying the night at her house, and she had come to pick me up. It was about 9:00 O' clock at night. There was an almost full moon that night, it light up everything with a white glow. We were walking down to her house, we had to go through a different park then the one in the previous story. Well it wasn't really a park, it was more of a field. Anyway, as we walk down the bike path that cuts through the field, just as we enter it, I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I give a quick glance to see what it was. A horse. I stopped and stared back into the field, and in the moonlight, there it was. A huge white horse. I swear, this horse was bigger then War Admiral, and it was pure white. Just quietly running through the field. It was only about 60 feet away from me. Breathless I tried to get my friend's attention, who had just kept walking, talking to her little brother on her phone. I quickly ran to catch her and get her attention, stopping her I say "Look, do you see that?" But as I look back into the field, the horse was gone. Just an empty field. "What?" She said looking at the same nothingness that I saw. "Dude, I swear I just saw a horse. I must be crazy." I said laughing a little bit. She just laughed with me, and we continued walking. "So we're going to go pick up my brother, and we're gonna walk up to Kum & Go, and get some snacks." Mackenzie said after she finally got off the phone with her brother. "OK." I said. Wondering if I was going to see the horse again on our way back. As the Kum & Go was actually back up towards my house. I'll skip ahead, on our way back up with her brother, I didn't see anything in the field, but as we neared my street. I saw something, under the street light. Stopping in the middle of the road, I stare, at a tall man, wearing a duster coat and cowboy hat who was leaning against the streetlight. This man, was impossibly black. There was no detail, just a silhouette. He was inky black, with a small glow near his face, like that of a cigarette lighting up as he took a drag. I ask them if they can see him, to my relief, they can see him, but they just shrug it off, understandably. To them it was just a man, but it couldn't be, why was he so dark.. why didn't the ember light up his face, even a little bit. Was the horse his?

For the next few years, nothing substantial happened, just a few notable moments here and there. My sister saw glowing red eyes floating above me one night while I slept. I predicted, and perfectly told the ending of a story my brother was telling me, without knowing the story before hand. I think I gave him goose bumps, because he knew he had never told me the story before, but I finished it for him. A woman's voice called my name from the hallway, but it was neither my mom or my sister. My friend saw a demon standing behind me one night, as I left the room, it held it's finger to it's lips, mouthed "shhhh" smiled, then followed me out of the room. Black shadows here and there. Two out of body experiences, and one sleep paralysis experience. A few minor, but accurate predictions of the future. Things calmed down. Until I was about 22 years old. Still living at my parents house. I just couldn't afford to move out. Every night for about a month. Something opened our front door. We had six dogs at the time, so the idea that someone could sneak into our yard, and open the front door without making them all bark, is impossible. No matter how I tried, I could never sneak up on the dogs. One time I made it to the front door without them noticing, but once I turned that door handle, they all started barking. So something was opening our gate, walking up our stairs, and opening our front door, just a little bit, every night, without making the dogs bark. For about five nights, I would hear our door make its usual squeak sound, that it only makes when it's been closed. I would get up, ask my sister if she had gone outside, to which she would reply no, and then I would investigate. Myself, my boyfriend, and my Sister being the only ones awake in the house. Unsure, I would just lock the front door. Three times my sister heard it close, and two times my boyfriends heard it close. I heard it, every night. One night, when I went out to get a drink I actually saw the front door open, about two inches. I walked over to it, peaked out through the door, saw the gate open, creeped out, I just closed the door and locked it. A separate night, my then boyfriend went out into the kitchen to get us a snack, and he saw the front door open. He quickly came back to my room to grab me and show me, but when we got back into the kitchen, the door was closed. I just locked it. We got our snacks and went back to play Video Games.  About three nights later, my sister had gone into the kitchen to get a drink, she looked over at the door and saw it was open, but she saw a hand, on the handle, then, the door slowly closed. Squeaking shut. Freaked out, she came and grabbed my boyfriend and I, we investigated, seeing our front gate open, him and I went outside, closed the gate, and then returned to the house and locked the front door. Every single time we closed the door, our dogs would bark at us, waking every else up, then we would have to explain that someone had opened the front door again, and sorry for waking every up. From then on, we locked the door every night. I did try to record it a few nights, but every night I tried to record it, the video was just black. You could hear sound, but no video. So I gave up on that. After a few months, we stopped locking the door at night, and it never happened again.

Well I'm down to my most recent experiences, earlier this year, I got my own place. (Silently Cheering Inside) I moved into an apartment, in the same small town. This one, needs some more explaining then the other ones. My apartment is on the second floor, it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony. The balcony is almost like a room, with a giant open window, it has a wall on the left, a storage room on the right, a roof, and it has a half wall across from the balcony door. Just outside my balcony is a scrawny Aspen tree, its branches spill into my balcony a little bit. My second bedroom is next to the stairs and has a window that looks out onto the stairs and my front door. So when I moved in, I brought my Chihuahua with me, his name is Chonga. Well I work at a lumber yard in a different town, and it takes me an hour and a half to drive to work, and an hour and half to drive home. Typically I work ten hours a day, so combined with the long drive. I'm gone 13 hours a day, minimum, sometimes I work late, so it varies, but I have no one who can come let my dog out to the bathroom, so my boss, who is also my best friend, helped me out. He ripped a sheet of plywood down and installed a doggy door into it, so I could put it into my sliding glass balcony door. So that way, my dog can go to the bathroom on the balcony instead of in my apartment. All of this is important to the story. So on my third night living in my apartment, someone tried to open my front door. I didn't hear them come up the stairs, or go back down them, but they turned the handle 4 or 5 times. Thankfully, I keep my front door locked, literally at all times. So I was creeped out, but safe. Well worrying about someone breaking into my apartment while I was gone, and worrying about my dog, I bought four Wi-Fi cameras, that had motion detection. I installed one in the second bedroom, looking out the window to the front door. I installed one on the balcony to keep an eye on my dog while he was out there, and I put two in the living room. One facing the front door, so if someone did break in, I had a clear picture of them, and the last one facing my living room chair just to watch my dog while he wondered around my apartment. When the cameras detect motion, they take a picture. So I ended up with about eight hundred pictures of my dog, and my neighbors going up and down their stairs. I did catch a few cool things too. A short video of a bat at my front door, and some fuzzy shots of it on my balcony. A few pictures of bees flying around near the balcony camera, a cat that had climbed up the tree outside my balcony, then jumped onto my balcony floor, at almost 2 in the morning. One really blurry picture of a small bird in flight. All of these I will post on here so you can see them. The weird thing is, these aren't the only things I caught on camera, in one there is a shadow by my storage door. In a few there are.. weird lights. Then there is the blinding lights in two. So the thing about my balcony is, there is no way for someone to shine a light onto it. As it is surrounded by walls, except for the one opening looking out. Someone can't climb the Aspen tree to shine the lights, as it's branched aren't strong enough to carry the weight of even a small child. A cat yes, but a child would break the branches. So no one climbed the tree, and they can't shine the light from the stairs either. I'm going to post the picture below to illustrate what my cameras have captured. The fun ones will be at the bottom of the post. All photos are dated and time stamped, but are also screen shots because I couldn't figure out how to get them off the app.

Weird pictures from my balcony

Blinding light on the camera in the second bedroom window
For reference of the last three pictures, What it usually looks like at that time of day.

Fun pictures from my balcony

Capture+_2019-05-11-21-29-41.png  Blurry Bat

Capture+_2019-06-27-12-55-32.png  Bumble Bee

Capture+_2019-06-22-19-31-37.png  Late Night Visitor

Capture+_2019-07-17-19-30-34.png  Barely looks like it, but it's a bird.

So, those are my experiences. Everything is true in my eyes. Every experience very real, and most of the time, very terrifying. 
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