When I was a little girl, I'd say about seven or eight years old, my family and I lived in this big beautiful three story house on Crystal Street in Philadelphia. 
Some nights would be calm, others weren't so calm. 

I use to wake up from a sound sleep to hearing whispers and laughter coming from the hallway. As soon as I would peek my head out my bedroom door, the talking and laughter would stop.
 I would never think too much of it, I always thought it was my mother and father late at night talking and giggling. 

This one night I woke to hearing what sounded like children's footsteps running up and down the hallway.
When I sat up on my bed I noticed that the hallway light was on. I started to walk down the hallway, I believe I only took about three steps, suddenly someone shouted in the most horrific, deep voice, "GET TO BED, NOW!"

At first I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was my father hollering at me to get back to bed. As I'm laying in bed, I began to think, "wait, that wasn't my fathers voice! And if it was, why is the hallway light still on?"

So, I crawled to the foot of my bed staring down the hallway to see if I can spot my father anywhere. 
I ended up falling a sleep at the foot of my bed that night. 
The next morning, I go down stairs to get some breakfast.
My mother was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her tea waiting for us to come to the table. 
When we were all seated my mother looked at us and asked, "so, who was up late last night messing around and left the hallway light on all night?"

We all looked at each other and shook our heads. "It wasn't me!" we all said at the same time. 
"Well, someone did!" my mother shouted in anger. 
I wanted to tell her what I was hearing last night but I knew she wouldn't believe me. She would think I was saying that to cover up what really happened. 

After that night things specifically of my mother's would go missing. Such as her hair brush, car keys, jewelry and other things. Of course my brother, sisters and myself would get blamed for what gone missing. I remember my mother would always say, "Well it didn't just grow legs and walk away!" 
Only if you knew mom.. 

Finally after a couple days past, all the things that went missing would show up in weird spots. But, my mother thought that we just ended up putting them were she could see it later. 

A couple nights passed, I just had fallen a sleep. I woke to a loud thump that came from underneath my bed.
I laid in my bed covered head to toes in my quilt just listening and scared out of my mind. I also noticed that for some reason when things would happen at night, I was the only one who would wake up hearing these noises.

Everyone else would be sound a sleep. 
Suddenly, I heard again what sounded like kids laughing, running and playing but this time it was coming from the living room down stairs. 
I got up out of my bed, walked to the end of the hallway to the top of the stairs and just stood there listening quietly. 
Then I hear a tiny, little whisper which sounded like it was coming from the bottom of the stairs, "Come play with us?" 
I stood there at the top of the stairs in shock and disbelief. 

After the child's voice spoke to me everything got quiet. 
Suddenly, I hear loud footsteps running up the stairs towards me. I jetted back to my bedroom, jumped on my bed like I have never jumped before and quickly covered myself completely with my quilt. 
After that night, things were quiet, for a little while. 

A few nights after, while I was sleeping  I remember having this dream of a woman what looked like to me now that I think of it, like she was from the late 1700's, early 1800's. 
In my dream I couldn't get a good look at her face but I remember her dress. Her white, long, ruffled,  flowing dress.
As she come walking towards me from out of the dark in my dreams I suddenly woke up. 
Just sitting here thinking about all this and writing it is giving me goose bumps again. 

After I woke, I was happy to realise it was only a dream. I got up to use the bathroom. When I was little, if it was dark and I needed to use the bathroom I would leave the bathroom door opened. I don't know why I just felt safer that way. 
While I'm sitting on the toilet something is telling me to look over at the door.
Mind you the hallway is pitch black, the only light that is on is the bathroom light. 
Suddenly I hear the wooden floor board creaking, coming from my bedroom making its way towards the bathroom.
At this point I can't take my eyes off that door even though I want to so bad.

The creaking sound stops. My hearts pounding out of my chest, I feel like I can't breathe, I can't scream,  I'm paralyzed. 
Then, this almost see through apparition of a woman in a long, white, ruffled gown, ruffles around her neck,  with pale white skin and her jet black hair that looked like it was up in a bun, with huge black eyes looked like she had wholes for eyes, her mouth was wide opened almost as if she was screaming in silence, floating above the ground was now staring directly at me. 
I wanted to scream so damn bad but for some reason I couldn't! 
She just hovers in the bathroom doorway staring at me, then finally I hear, "help me!" 
It sounded like she was right next to me whispering help me in my ear but she was still hovering by the door with her mouth wide open, her mouth didn't move at all! 

She then starts moving her way closer to me, I finally build up enough courage to scream. And when I say scream, I mean I screamed bloody murder! No sooner after I screamed she was gone! Disappeared like that! 
My mother and father come rushing into the bathroom, their eyes as wide as a silver dollar. 
I still did not tell my parents what was going on in that house and what I had seen.
After that night we lived in the house for probably about a month before moving to New Jersey. 

Years later, I relived this with my mother and finally told her what really was going on in that house and she responded, "I was wondering what was going on.
That night the color was flushed from your face completely, I told your father it looked like you've seen a ghost."
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Hi! Can you please edit this to have the correct paragraph spacing/indentation. Super hard to read when all the texts scrunched in the middle like this. Thanks 🙂
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Could you tell me how I can do that please? 
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@Blood.sugar13  Of course!  You'll see at the top of  your story in the right hand corner, a little box and a down arrow. Click the arrow and select the pencil option to edit.  You see a series of formatting options. You want the paragraph ones - right next to the word underline option.  I suggest moving all your paragraphs to the right side (so the first option) and ensuring you have double spacing between each paragraphs. Any problems let me know. 
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