My name is Magnus and I am from Iceland and I saw the grim reaper. In the year 2014 when I was 13 my family got a puppy because we thought our old dog was going to die soon, she was getting weak and Didn't do much, until we got the puppy ( we can call her Lori) and our older dog (let's lust call her Rose) and she got better and happier after Lori came to us started milking witch was cute, Rose thought of Lori as her daughter. After around 6 months Lori started having problems, she always had do go to the bathroom to either pee or poop, though not normal poop more like diarrhea and this was more than 20 times a day, her stomach became bloated and we took her to the vet she gave us some pills but she didn't get any better after a month or two of this we found out that her liver didn't grow with get and was infected and didn't do it's job. We had to take her to a better vet or animal hospital since we live in. Small Town and there is just so much the vet can do for animals there. I was told she would have to stay the night and I believed we would take her home the next day or the day after, however the last night we stayed there she was put down since the vet could not do anything for her since we found out about her liver too late. Now I did not know this but during that night she died when I was asleep it did not feel like sleep, I don't know if it was lucid dreaming or astral projection (I think it's called) but what I do know is that what I saw was real. I was in my kitchen 300 kilometers away from where I actually was and I went to look through the window and I saw Lori running up towards the house but not on the ground more like in the air and I could see through her at the same time I could not but what I saw coming after her I did not expect. It was death or as most know it as..the Grim Reaper,it did not have your typical black hood and a bare skull with no skin on it. It was small like a child in height maybe less is had a white hood but and cloak, I could not see any legs, it still had some flesh on it's face and hands but most of it was rotted away especially on the hands and eyes. What I felt when Lori tried to hide behind me and it didn't even notice me just went after her was pure anger, so I attacked the Grim Reaper. I tried to punch it but he pushed me back and I was thrown back into the was as Lori ran. I woke up and I had this weird pain pain I'm my back it didn't hurt exactly but it was still noticeable still there. I told my mom this a year later because she is a little superstitious and I didn't want to worry her, she thinks that it what white because she had a pure soul or something like that. After some of the details of this have gone from my memory since I didn't write it down until now but the dream and that thing is always there always in the back of my mind. And since then I have had experiences with ghosts and spirits but none as clear as my encounter with the Grim Reaper.
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