I am 19 years old and i live in northern sweden in a small village far away from civilisation. I am a big nature lover and i love nature and hunting. I also work as a forest machine operator, and yes it sounds weird to be a nature lover at the same time as i cut down trees. But im doing it for the natures cause. Well enough of that. I live in a medium sized single level house on top of a small hill, and i am practically surrounded by big forests.

And my favourite thing to do is take my 4 wheeler and go for a ride on my little trail which ive been working on for the past 2 months. There is almost no roads in these forests as far as i know. I was out one day just driving around looking for blueberries to pick for my grandmother. Lets just say she makes the best blueberry pie in all of sweden.

And it was really hot that day, about +24 celcius. I was following my usual path just looking at the ground on both sides trying to find some good place to start picking. I looked to my left and right and i just couldn't find any blueberries. And i really didnt want to come home empty handed. At last i reached the end of the trail and i felt very dissapointed that i couldn't find any. So i turned my ATV off and began walking into the woods.
I walked for a good 30 minutes until i finally found some berries. There wasn't alot of them but it was good enough, they were located between some bushes and small spruce trees which made up a kind of wall around the blueberries.

I began filling my bucket but at about 5 minutes in i heard some shuffeling behind me. I quickly turned my head to look for the source of the noise, but saw nothing. I am a very jumpy person so the slightest unexpected noice sends me flying. I would just blame it on the wind but there was none. But i quickly laughed at myself blaming it on some squirrel or something and continued picking.

Then i heard some more shuffeling but at my right side this time, i just kinda ignored it and continued, until i heard some very heavy breathing from the right.

I just froze, like a deer cought in the headlights. So i slowly turned my head and i mean SLOWLY, it probably took about 30 seconds to face my right side. And when i saw it, i got the worst chills, my hair on my arms was like needles.

There between 2 small spruce trees was.... something.

I really don't know how to describe it, the best i can say is that it reminded me of the groke from the moomins but not really either. It was about 1.5/2 meters tall, it had really round eyes and a big nose and it had a brownish kind of fur. I couldn't see it's mouth but i really didn't care, but i did only see it's face.

I began shaking a little bit, because it felt like it was staring right into my soul. I had no idea on what to do, i have seen bears and wolfes in these forests but nothing as freaky as this. I had no idea on what to do, but it felt like the best thing to do was to keep eye contact and NOT turn my back on this thing. So i very slowely picked up my bucket which felt like hours to do, while keeping eye contact.

It was still intensly staring at me, not blinking once while breathing slowly and loud. I took one step back, and i must be the most unluckiest person in the world because i stepped right onto a dry stick. And it sounded like a nuclear bomb going off.

This thing just stopped breathing and everything just kinda faded. Not like "All the animals fell silent because of a predator" kind of silent, but like audio from a video fading kind. It's hard to explain but i hope you understand. The thing kind of exhaled i think, like a person taking his/her last breath, and its eyes just.... expanded into a kind of oval shape, and it let out a big roar. It sounded like a bunch of people screaming at the same time as a bunch of lions roaring!

And as stupid as i am i flung my bucket full of blueberries at hit, hitting it right on the head, then i did a full 180 and ran for my atv. I did not look behind me but i could hear footsteps.... no it sounded more like someone dragging something heavy across a big carpet.
I ran until i could taste blood, and the heat didn't help either. I became so exhausted from running that my eyes started to fade into black. But then i saw the sun reflecting of of the atv tires, and i felt so relieved, but at the same time s*it scared. I jumped on and started it. I do not quite remember how i could turn the ATV around so fast but im glad i managed. I sped up to about 60 kilometers/hour on this little road, one false move and i would probably crash and become that things dinner.

As stupid as i am i turned around for a second, and i kid you not. That thing was right on my a**. those wide white eyes staring right into me while doing 60 on a small dirt path. I leaned forward to gain more speed taking the turns like a proffesional rally driver. And after about 3 minutes of reckless driving i turned around and it was no longer after me. My heart pumped so hard that i could feel every muscle in my body pulsating.
I slowed down a bit and began catching my breath, but i continued looking behind me to make sure it wasn't catching up to me. I finally reached the road and i didn't stop until i reached my house.

I was so scarred from this experience that i didn't even turn the ATV off, i just kinda jumped off and began to walk slowely towards the door.
I found my grandma in the kitchen and she asked me if i was alright.

I just told her in a shaky voice that i encountered a bear on the way home and i threw my blueberry bucket at it. And she just hugged me saying that she is glad i came home unscarred.

I just said yeah, and walked into my room. I laid down on my bed still shaking like it was 30- celcius. And i started to think to myself, "Did this really happen? Why did it have to happen to me? What was that fucking thing?" I just didn't know what to think anymore, in most stories i hear they just move on and forget about their weird experiences.

But i still haven't moved on 2 years later. I think about it everyday and just pretend it never happen in front of my family and friends. I always say it was a bear, but it wasn't. You absolutely don't have to believe me, and i do not blame you. I don't even want to believe it myself. There isn't a day i dont think about it. And i don't really feel like myself anymore...

And i will probably never forget it either. I have talked a few psychologists but i never tell them what really happened. Because how could they help me they wouldn't believe me. I am literally sill shaking today as im writing this. I always felt safe here in sweden, because i haven't heard any weird or unexplained stories except the cliche ghost stories of course.

I do not longer know what to believe.
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