My name is Nathan and I'm 21. I live in Fargo, North Dakota, but I used to live in Chatsworth, New Jersey. There was a forest nearby, about a
five minute walk away from my house. It was three years ago when I was 18, and I loved to go adventuring in it with my friends but once in a while I would go alone. This incident that would haunt me forever happened on a Saturday during the summer, while school was out.

This time I decided to go camping with my friends, whose names I won't share. I'll call them A and C. We hung out for a while at my house playing some video games and watching tv. I remember that A had this strange liking for peanut butter in oatmeal. He went to the kitchen to make some, while C and I stuck to cold cuts and snacks. Eventually after two hours of eating and playing video games, we started out towards the woods in my truck, joking and laughing. We started out into the woods and saw a few snakes and deer.

C even saw a rabbit. After a day of exploring in the woods, we were too tired to make our way back to the area we were supposed to set up camp, so we decided to set up camp where we were. We all had our own tents. I decided to set up my tent in a small clearing right by a small creek.

I was a one minute walk away from A and C, so I wasn't worried. Before we went to sleep, we sat around the campfire telling jokes and eating junk food. At 1:00 we finally got tired enough to go to our tents. I wish I could have kept that same good mood but fate had other plans. I fell asleep at almost 1:30 and slept until I was woken by something at around 3:00. I heard splashing and a twig snapping. I got really scared because I thought it might be a black bear, as black bears can be very dangerous. I slowly worked up the nerve to look outside and I saw... a goat. It was drinking out of the creek. But there was something weird about that goat. It had these black patches on its back that looked like skin.

At first I thought it was deformed or hurt, but I ruled out the latter, since it was calm and didn't act hurt. But then I saw the tail. It had a long tail. That tail was what got me.

I'd seen goats before and I know they don't have tails. And then it looked directly at me! It gave this crazy yelp that sounded like a cross between a bat chittering and a goat bleating. Then it unfolded those weird black patches and I realized that they were these weird wings that looked like bat's wings and started to fly. I started screaming like a baby and ran to where A and C were sleeping woke them up. At first they were annoyed and A said "Poor baby, did you have a nightmare?" But then they saw the look on my face and sobered up. They got up and I yelled that we needed to get out of there and that I would explain later.

So we ran towards the edge of the woods, where my truck was waiting, me sobbing the whole time. C offered to drive and I got in the backseat screaming at him to step on the gas, while A got in the passenger seat. I had calmed down a little by the time we got to my house. C and A demanded that I told them what happened and I told them what had happened and they both insisted that I was either dreaming or crazy, but I know what I saw.

The next morning, I got up, fired up my Mac, and did some research on what that thing could have been, and I'm pretty sure that I saw the Jersey Devil. Just don't go adventuring in the Chatsworth woods.
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