By Emily

When I was a little girl my parents, my siblings and I practically lived at our church. My parents did a lot of volunteer work and since they homeschooled us, we were there every week, multiple times a week.

It wasn't boring since the church had a huge gym and multiple classrooms for Sunday school with large dry erase boards that I loved to color on. There was also another homeschooled family who went to and lived right next to the church, so they were there just as often as we were. I always spent my time with the other homeschooled girl my age, Ally.

Ally and I were both around the ages of 10-12, and we were both artistic so we spent a majority of our time in one of the classrooms, coloring on the dry erase boards.

There was just a session of Sunday school and there were arts and crafts along the wall with the board on it. The craft the children made were fish made out of cds with the reflective sides facing us. I left to go to the bathroom down the hall. I never felt anything odd or off in any way. I had a lot of unexplainable things happen to me as a child and could always feel a large amount of anxiety before any of these strange things would happen. I felt nothing until I stepped back into that room. I went completely numb to my surrounds and only focused on one thing. On the fish cd hanging closest to Ally as she stood with her back to me, I saw the most horrific thing that my young mind could barely fathom.

There, on the top half of the disk was the top half of a face. All I could see of it was from the top of the nose-up. It was bald with light purple and blue skin that looked so tight on this things face that it looked like it would tear away any second. Its eyes were starting right into mine from the reflection and all I could do was stare.

Its eyes.. They were angry. Angrier than I have ever seen in my life. There was nothing special about the eyes. They weren't black or red. They were a normal size and shade of brown. The eyes were just normal, angry and piercing into mine. I couldn't look away. I felt as though if I looked away, this thing would be freed from the reflection. It felt like time stopped and I was in a staring contest with something that made no sense.

"Are you ok, Emily?" I glanced away for one second to see Ally looking at me, worried that I had just been standing there without moving for about a whole minute. I quickly glanced back to the cd and there was nothing in the reflection. I nodded and just went back to coloring with my friend like nothing happened. I never saw that or anything like that ever again. I'm almost 20 now and had only started to talk about that experience about two years ago with my family and close friends. When I told my younger brother (Saul) about it, he told me that our oldest brother (Liam) had an experience there, too.

They were playing near the basement. There was nothing strange about the basement, it was used as another classroom and a walkway as the only way to get to the actual church from that part of the building. While my brothers were playing Jedi and Sith, Saul ran and hid in the opposite direction of the basement when Liam wasn't looking. Saul then watched from his hideout as Liam yelled something about the force and ran down the ramp to the basement.

He waited for Liam to come looking for him, but several minutes passed and he heard a scream. Liam ran back up the ramp, screaming and tripped over his own feet onto the floor. Saul, thinking it was some type of Jedi tactic came over to him. He quickly realized that it wasn't part of the game anymore when he saw that our older brother, who never showed one bit of negative emotion to us, was hysterically crying.

It took Saul months to get an explanation from Liam. He finally said that while they were playing, he swore that he saw Saul running down into the basement. When he followed and found nothing in the basement, he was filled with a sense of fear that he had never experienced and has never felt since then.

It couldn't have been any other kid who frequented the building along with us. He swore up and down that it was the back of our little brother that he saw running into the basement right down to the same clothes that he was wearing. During both of these experiences it was only us and our mom in the building at the time.

We have no explanations as to how these things can be explained rationally. We no longer go to that church for other reasons, but still hear about weird things happening there. Even our Pastor at the time would say, matter of factly, that there are spirits in that building. What ever was or still is there, I pray that it finds peace and stops terrorizing little kids.
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