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Texas. Farms, cities, heat. These are the first 3 things you probably think of when you hear that name. If you're a sports fan, you think of Aggies and Longhorns. I think of the Spring of 2014. I didn't see anything normal; instead I saw something that was nothing short of bizarre.

I had always heard the ghost stories coming out of the state. they had everything from ghost lights in Marfa, to demons in San Antonio, to werewolves in El Paso. As expected, with such a big state, the stories could be true. I believe in the Marfa lights and werewolves myself. Anyway, in 2014, I still had Visit the South on my bucket list. Due to the way things are, I recruited a couple of my high school classmates, Isaiah and Richard to accompany me. They were back-up and bodyguards more than anything else. When they asked me why I chose Texas, I honestly said "There's lots of stories from there. Especially deep in the heart of the state." They figured that reason was as good as any, so they agreed. As he drove, Rich asked us "Did you guys hear of this chick called La Llorona? My girlfriend wouldn't shut up about it"

I had gotten the book Weird U.S. the previous year, so I had. La Llorona means "The Crier." If that isn't freaky, the story of her is. Turns out she was a beautiful woman who lived in Texas, where the Rio Grande is. Her husband left while she was pregnant and had no intention of returning. She wanted to marry some rich dude, but he refused because he didn't want to deal with children (I'm not making this up.) As a result, she threw her children in the river after stabbing them to death! She went back to her lover, but he was horrified by the blood-streaked dress and immediately rejected her for good. She ran back to the river, trying to find her children, but it was far too late. Now, she's said to wail and walk along the banks of the river, wearing a horse head as a punishment. When I finished my story, both of them stayed silent. I guess they didn't know what to think.

A few days later, we were exploring near the Rio Grande. I was looking at the river, watching for fish, Rich was following it to see where it led, and Isaiah was picking up flat stones to skip along the water. I was laying down stones, so we could find our way back, since dusk was setting in. As the last few rays of sun started to sink. I heard a "SPLASH." I turned around and said "Isaiah, you're supposed to skip the stones, not throw them." Even though he has dark skin, I noticed it was a bit lighter than normal. He said "That wasn't me." I decided to shake it off. As night fell, I saw a weird shape moving around us. I tapped Rich and Isaiah's shoulders and pointed at it. They looked and immediately froze. Since I'm smaller and shorter than both of them, I was afraid of what they saw. Rich made a "Hff" sound, like when you try to say something, but can't get it out. Isaiah's eyes were bulging and I whispered "La Llorona." Rich shook his head, then the thing turned and we shot off like the Devil was after us. As we ran, Rich said "That woman had a horse head!" We also heard a screech that sounded like a woman screeching while being strangled. 

I haven't been back to Texas since then. To be honest, I never really believed in La Llorona. I always treated it as a bogeyman story for Texas kids to make them behave. Even now, 5 years later, I still have nightmares where I see La Llorona. Rich said it had to be and Isaiah doesn't know what to think. I do know one thing however. I NEVER want to go to Texas again. I also never want to see La Llorona again. The Dover Demon, Jersey Devil, and the Bigfoot and werewolves of PA are good enough for me.
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When you post a story under "True Scary Stories > Ghost Stories", you don't need to place a poll on your submission asking people if they believe you. Please don't use polls like this in the future or I'll have to remove polls from the website altogether.
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Understood. Won't happen again
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