I was staying at friends house in southern ohio, he owned 10 acres and they joined up to 1000 private acres. He has some strange activity going on like screams that sounded human like from deep in the woods.

I suggested it might be bigfoot laughing.

One night I couldn't sleep it was about 4am I went out on the porch and thats when I heard a loud grunt come from the woods and something being killed like it was in distress.

I ran inside still couldn't sleep so daylight comes around. And I get brave enough to go where I heard the sounds from that night. I walk out the door down the porch and down a hill.

So I'm standing at the edge of the woods and this thing springs up on two feet I could see it through the brush whatever it was didn't belong there what happened next scared the shot out of me it hissed at me twice and took off running well so did I back toward the house I started hyperventilating first time in my life.

This thing had to be 8ft tall 500 lbs or more. I made it to the house still hyperventilating. It took a few hours but I finally calmed down. I woke my friend up told him what is seen he said it was just a deer. No it wasn't it was on two legs.

So frustrated my friend didn't believe me I went in the woods looking for prints the only thing I found was where something large had been laying.

Did I wake bigfoot up? I got into the woods a little farther I was bent over and over my left shoulder I heard the hissing again thinking it was my friend I was slow to rise I looked in the direction of the hissing and seen the creature running away my mouth dropped and I think I said oh shit it had a coned shaped head and long arms and very fast.

I took off running and to this day I haven't been back to my friend a place it happened in 2013.
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