Growing up, I always loved the time I was home by myself. Even though I was an only child, I loved the freedom that came when mom and dad were out of the house. Ordinarily I'd just hang out, eat a lot of junk food, and play video games. Unfortunately the relaxation that came with being by myself didn't manifest this time.

It was a late Friday afternoon, some time in late October. I live in a coastal city and it rains often, accompanied by heavy fog. That day it was no different. The fog was thick and the white noise of the rain blanketed out most of the typical city noise. My parents were gone, on a trip to catch a band they both loved, touring. They were going to return Monday, and since I was 16, they figured I'd be okay on my own for a few days. I was in the living room, playing Halo: Reach on my Xbox. The TV was on the wall in front of me, and to the left was the window that faced outside. I had my curtains open, as I enjoyed the ambiance of the rain and fog. That was when I first noticed her.

After finishing up a match, and being rather frustrated with my poor KD, I glanced outside without thinking, before doing a double take. What I saw was strange. It was a woman, walking down the sidewalk in front of my house. Only, she was moving very slowly. That's what first caught my attention. The more I looked at her, the more out of place she seemed. For one, she wasn't dressed for the weather at all; she was wearing a low cut dress with no coat or jacket that I could see. Secondly, she was very tall. Just judging from my window, I'd guess she would have to have been around 6'6" as she dwarfed the maple tree on the sidewalk. She had short black hair, and she was very pretty. It didn't make sense to me why she was walking so slowly through the pouring rain in nothing but a thin dress. However, it was none of my business. and I queued up for another game, occasionally glancing at the tall woman who was still inching herself along the property. Just before she cleared the view of my window, though, I could've sworn she turned and looked directly at me, before disappearing around the corner. 

The rest of that night was mostly uneventful, until about 10 o' clock. By then the fog had cleared for the most part, but the rain was still fast and heavy. At that point I think I was watching something on Netflix, when I looked out my window and saw her again. I could barely make out her figure under the orange glow of the streetlight, but I knew it was the same impossibly tall woman from before. This time, though, she was moving even slower/ She was barely going a foot every ten seconds. I paused the show and watched in disbelief as she slowly made her way down the sidewalk. As she walked under the streetlight, she became completely illuminated, and what I saw freaked me out. She looked injured. Her dress was partially torn, and her face and upper body were covered in what looked like dirt. She continued to inch herself down the sidewalk, and I decided to do something, as this woman was clearly hurt, or damaged in some way. I opened my front door, walked out onto the porch, and prepared to call to her. To my confusion, and unease, in the instant I took my eyes off her to get from the living room to the porch, she had disappeared. I was so confused. Even if she started sprinting as soon as I got up, there's no way she should've been able to clear my line of sight. I struggled to shrug the event off, thinking about it until I went to bed that night.

Surprisingly, I slept rather well. I woke up at 9:30, refilled my cats food bowl, and refreshed his water, all the while noting how heavy the rain and fog were. I then played Halo for a while. I finished a match, and decided to take a break. Pressing the menu button, my Xbox told me it was 12:00, and I put down the controller to get a snack and some water. As I came back into the living room, I habitually looked out the window again, and saw her. She was hard to make out because of the fog, but since it was noon it was a lot brighter than last night. This time, she moved almost with a hunchback. She looked incredibly tired, and her dress, or what remained of it, was soaking from the rain. It had large cuts and gashes in the fabric, revealing underneath more skin covered in the same strange muck I saw the night before. I was stunned as she moved at a snails pace along the sidewalk. Across the street, I could make out someone else walking the opposite direction. I was relieved, as I thought they'd help this obviously distressed girl. But they just kept walking at a regular pace. They didn't even stop to look at her. It was almost as if they couldn't see her. As the other pedestrian cleared the view of my window, the tall woman suddenly clutched her chest and collapsed to her knees. This snapped me out of my trance, and I shot straight up from my seat and went out my front door. I quickly walked down the path, phone in hand in case I needed to call an ambulance. When I got to the end, however, there was no one there. I looked up and down the sidewalk, and there was no sign of the woman. "What the hell?" I remember muttering. I examined the spot where I thought she collapsed, and at first I didn't see anything. As I crouched down, though, I felt it get hotter, and without thinking I touched my hand to the pavement. Somehow, in the middle of the thick rain, the sidewalk was radiating heat. It seemed impossibly hot. 

The rest of that day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I didn't see the woman again, nor did I on Sunday. I was still nervous, as I had no realistic explanation for what had happened so far. I remember I was getting ready to sleep on Sunday night, after finishing cleaning the house for my parent's return the next day. It was just around midnight, and I had gotten under my covers when I heard a very distinct knock at the door. It was thick, and slow, ringing out three times. Who the hell could it be at this hour? I went to the door, slowly, trying not to make any noise so whoever was out there wouldn't know I was home, and I looked through the peephole. Confused, I saw no one. I opened my door, and glanced around the porch and the front yard. From what I could tell, no one was anywhere nearby. I shook my head, thinking I might've just imagined the knock. I was very tired, after all. As I went back inside though, something at the bottom of the door caught my eye. I picked it up. It was a lollipop. A bright red, rather large, lollipop, wrapped in plastic that was tied to the stem with a thin black ribbon. I took it inside, and examined it further. It had no brand, or stamp, or logo of any kind. It was just a generic lollipop. What was odd, though, was the black ribbon. It was an impossibly deep shade of black, almost eating up the light of the dining room. It felt sort of like cotton, only it was softer, yet at the same time, stronger. After playing with it for a few minutes, I decided it was probably unsafe, and threw it out. I did save the black ribbon, though. Something about it just attracted me to it. It was long enough to wear as a bracelet, so I put it on without much thought. I went to bed soon after that.

Monday was uneventful, and when my parents returned and asked me how everything went, I just said "fine," deciding I didn't want to try to explain the woman I saw. And from that point on, I didn't see her again, until just a few days ago, which is what inspired me to write this story. In my town we have subways, only they're elevated above ground. Anyway, I was returning home from my friends house, standing at the train platform and preparing to board. it was around midnight, and no one else was on either platform. When I looked up from my phone, though, I was shocked. Directly across from me stood the woman; the same girl I'd saw so many months before. I knew it was her as I could see her very clearly. She seemed impossibly tall, about 6'10," though she had heels on. She was wearing the same dress she always had been, only this time it was clean and undamaged. She also had on a thin pair of glasses, the same deep black color of her hair. It was stunning to me how beautiful she was. As I kept staring at her, practically paralyzed, she waved at me, smiling, and started tugging at her left wrist with her other hand. Looking at my wrist, I saw that's where I tied the black ribbon from before that I found on the lollipop. I smiled back at her. A train then quickly came around the corner, stopping in front of her and breaking our line of sight. I suppose she must've boarded it, as when the train passed the platform was empty again.

From that day on, I never saw the woman again. I have no clue who she was, or why she walked by my house so many times. I have no doubt that I'll remember her for the rest of my life, though. And yes, I still have the ribbon around my wrist, though to this day I've never felt a fabric like it. I like to think of it as a gift, or something like that. After all, it seemed like she wanted me to have it.
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