I'm currently a 29 year old female. This took place about 10 years ago. It was like any other day a long shift working as a waitress at the local diner. I get through my uneventful shift and make it home to my puggle puppy. My boyfriend at the time was out of town so I was on my own for the night.

Just me and my puppy bo. I walk through the door and immediately notice there was a paper towel roll chewed up in shreds throughout the house along with a pair of boots I shut in the closet before I left and yet one of the boots was out of the closet and the door was still shut. I seemingly brushed this off because occurrences like this happened all the time.

At the time I didn't think twice about how my puppy could have gotten the roll of paper towel which was on top of the stove mind you he was a tiny puppy. So I clean up the mess pour a glass of wine and begin to search for a movie and that's when it happens.

Three loud bangs! Bang! Bang! Bang! On my front door. my heart basically shot out of my chest. I stare out the window and nobody is there. So I'm starting to freak out a bit but I tell myself it's just some kids messing around that is until it happens again. Bang! Bang! Bang! At this point it seems like the door is gonna fall down. I am right at the window and nobody is there.

There is no way someone could have gotten off my porch that quick I looked 2 seconds after it happened. So now I'm starting to lose it. The fear that was going through my body was something I have never experienced before. So I decide to call my mom who is out camping and a little intoxicated.

I explain to her what is going on and she calls a friend of hers who is a police officer in the city I'm in. He makes it over in about 5 minutes. Looks thought-out my house and all along the property and finds nothing. He calms me down and reassures my that it's probably some local kids playing a prank and says he will stay in the neighborhood to keep watch for the next 30 minutes or so.

I gather myself together and not 5 minutes after the officer leaces...Bang! Bang! BANG! AT THE front door once again the whole house sounds like it's gonna fall down. I'm starting to lose it again. I pick up the phone to call my mom and she doesn't answer. I set my phone down without hanging up. I'm frantically checking all my windows and hear my dog losing it.

Hairs up on his back barking and crying staring at an empty corner in the living room that's when I notice I never hung up my phone so I do so. Finally my dog starts to calm down and I'm walking around with a butcher knife. Fear is eating me alive just pure terror.

Then my phone rings. It's my mom telling me to get out of the house immediately. I'm confused at this point under the impression that the danger lurks outside. I couldn't have been more wrong. My mom just continues to tell me to go stay with my dad and I keep refusing and she won't tell me why she wants me out of the house so badly. I sternly tell her hell no and she lets it go without telling me what it is she knows.

So I stay up the whole night with a knife in my hand until my boyfriend arrives at 5am. Nothing else happened. So I proceed to go to work at 9 am utterly exhausted.

My mom sends me a text to come right over as soon as I get off work which I do. That is when I heard the most demonic hellish voice I have ever heard on her voice mail. It says you're sleeping in my house. Get the fuck out and it asks are you scared of me.

You can hear it clear as day. It sounded like the devil himself was talking. When I heard this my jaw dropped. Remember when I didn't hang up my phone when I called my mom. This demon decided to leave her a nice voice mail. To make a long story short once this demon knew it was known it didn't stop.

Things flying off shelf's, pounding, foot steps running through my house. We brought a pastor in to bless it but that wasn't good enough for me. I did exactly what it told me to do. I got the fuck out. We moved out within 5 days. I couldn't stand to stay another night in that house.

I was in constant fear and so was my poor puppy. As we are moving out a man pulls up and asks my boyfriend how we like the house and we explain what has happened then he proceeds to tell us his brother hung himself in the upstairs closet. Yeah at that moment everything made sense. That house still until this day remains vacant.

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I liked the story, but you type like my dyslectic BFF did back when we were in middle school. If she could be trained to punctuate and paragraph, so can you.
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