Hi... I live in a very small apartment in NYC with my husband. We own two cats and a hamster. For the past couple of months I’ve been seeing the silhouette or aura of a third cat out of the corner of my eye and only for a few seconds. I am an empath and I usually pick up on vibes and auras. I can also sense how a person may be feeling at the moment. This however is something rather new for me as I had never picked up on anything relating to an animal spirit before.

The aura is grey. My cats seem to be just fine with it around them. I’ve told my husband about it and he thinks it might have been someone’s pet in the past, and that it might just be feeling lonesome. He also thinks that us simply having cats may have triggered it somehow and drawn the spirit to the apartment since I had never seen it before we adopted them.


Most people wouldn’t be able to tell if there are animal spirits in their home because they wouldn’t actually see or sense them like few of us do. I personally have still not grown used to seeing it around. I don’t sense any negative energy off it, but it does appear out of the blue here and there. I hope it’s spirit is at peace and that whatever I’ve been seeing is merely traces of it having once existed.

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