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I know what you’re thinking... some lonely weird-o is trying to make up some sappy fan fiction, NO! Hear me out. I’m not some kinky vampire  enthusiast. I am just a normal dude. A normal dude that isn’t going to try and hook up with anyone on the internet again


It was summer of 2012. I had been single for over 6 months and just wanted a someone to share a night with. So I did what normal, desperate guys do. I created an account on a dating sight (Meetme to be  exact)

I went overbored creating the account in hopes that I would get fast attention.


After a couple of hours of going through profiles of girls in the next county over, I started getting likes from a girl in my county.
This is weird because most people in my county know me and I’m not very well liked  (it’s a small county with two very small towns)
So, I liked some of her pictures and we started talking.


I can’t remember her name or alot of details of the conversation so I’ll just say her name is Ann.
I do remember the conversation was mostly just us complimenting each other’s appearance and making
suggestive jokes.
She did have a strong
resemblance to a young Phoebe Cates in her profile picture, but I’d been burned before with internet hookups.


After awhile of talking she says, “bring me a pizza and we can have some fun *winky face*”
Well that was all I needed to see. I turned off the computer and got dressed. An hour later, I pull up to her house at the far end of town.


The house was pretty big and kind of old. It was a nicer house for that area. I was surprised I’d never seen it before. She said she was 19 and seeing the size of the place, I assumed she must still live with her family. Hopefully they were out of town for the night.


I knocked on the door and when it opened I was shocked. She was beautiful. She was slender without looking sickly thin, wearing a low v-neck with tight fitting jeans, shoulder length light brown hair... But her face.


It was beautiful, yes, but with pale grayish color. It had a blank yet startled wide-eyed expression (kind of like Wednesday Addams when the kids of camp Chippewa started singing combiya)
It scared me, I froze stiff and gripped the pizza box with a wide-eyed face of my own “You can come on in.”
Her voice was sweet yet some how strange like there was a slight higher pitch behind it.
I didn’t realize until I stepped in from the small staircase how tall she was. She was easily 6ft,9in.
She towered over me just standing at 5,9. I had never seen a girl so tall before.


We sat there awkwardly. As I ate a slice of pizza she had turned down, I was confused and thought she was just uninterested in my appearance now that she had seen the height difference.
I was fine with it (you win some, you lose some)
So, I thought I’d make some small talk and leave as fast as I could without seeming rude. I looked around to try to find a conversation starter.


It was pretty big inside. It mostly looked like a wealthy old widow lived there having strange what-not's, doilies, decretive candles.
Plus, some really nice paintings and a piano. “Do you play?” I asked gesturing to the piano. She sat next me, face never changing.
“no” she answered plainly.
I figured at that she was just trying get rid of me, like why the hell else would she have it? So to heck with it I’ll try one more. If it doesn’t work I’ll go home and play PS4.


“So, pretty big place you got here.” 
She just nodded her head. “So do you live here with your parents?” I asked, a little nervous at her unchanging face.
“I live here alone. My parents are dead.”
Boy howdy! let me tell ya! The way she said that creeped me right the *beep* out!
It was.... not the way people say that. She said it like some would tell you there parents were out but would be back later. It was said in a way that made me want to ask where she put the bodies.

Things that should be painful to say, yet this was the most chipper I had heard her sound.
Her wide eyes shifted to me and she gave a small half smile. Red flags started going off in my head and I decided after a few quite minutes that I’d fake reviving a text from a friend and go.


I told her I had to go and started to the door and told her to have a nice night. I got to her door and felt a strong hand on my shoulder and for the first time in my life I felt a chill run up my spine.
I jumped and turned with my fist up thinking there was going to be a man behind and I was part of some dating site mugging... But it was her. Only now her expression was soft and sweet. She looked so cute and helpless. She put her hand gently on my neck and my body instantly went from panic to calm and warm “please don’t. Let’s go to my room” she said, her dark brown eyes now comforting. her smile made made my knees weak.


Now, I’m not stupid, but when it comes to girls that cute making an offer like that? I have about as much self control as an invisible kleptomaniac wearing cargo pants.


I’m not going to go into detail on what we were doing, but the only light in the room was moonlight from the window over the head of her bed which made her skin look beautiful.
Like a light, ashy blue color. She held my head, keeping my eyes locked on hers.
Her eyes melted me as I looked into them. So relaxed as she was on top of me. Looking so softly into my eyes.
It felt just like when you’re just laying on the couch, and tell yourself you could get up whenever you want, but you never really want to.


She leaned forward and started kissing my neck. It felt great, but when she came back up she had a red smear on the left side of he mouth.
I thought nothing of it, and looked back into her eye.
A minute later she went back to my neck but the time when she came up my heart sank.


She let out a soft sigh of relief as a small trickle of thick red dripped from her lips, down her neck, swam through the middle of her chest, and pooled in her belly button.
Now my eyes where wide as she brought her face close to mine again. I tried to check my neck to see if I was bleeding but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move anything, not even my eyes.


My heart was pounding and my throat was whaling up as raw fear surged through me. Her face suddenly switched back to that wide eyed blank look, and she lunged hard onto my chest wrapping me up in a bear hug.
Now sucking on my neck way harder than before. My body was burning hot and throbbing in her gorilla-like grip.
I thought for sure my chest was going to crack right before she let go with I heavy sigh. Like she had her first drink of water in days.


She arched her back till her head touched the bed behind her. I tried to check my neck again and was shocked to find I could finally move. Thinking fast, I looked on the floor to spot my pants. When I had them in my sight, that was it. It was move now or die.


I used her moment of relief to my advantage and flipped her over the foot of the bed. I rolled out the bed, snatched my pant off the floor then sprinted to her bedroom door. The second I rounded her bedroom door I started to get light headed and stumbled. then I felt a wind shoot across my back fallowed by a loud crash with a music clank as the whole house shook. She had missed me and his a stud so hard it racked the piano in the opposite room. I turned my head still stumbling and wish I hadn’t. I seen her pull her head, arms, and torso out of the freshly made hole in the wall. I would have peed my pants if they were still on me.


With a new shock of adrenaline and fear I shot for the door with her screaming like a cougar behind me. Stomping so hard it sounded like she was ripping up the floor. Luckily, I had I really good head start.


I hit the screen door and brought it off the wall into the yard with me. I rolled on the wet grass, jumped up a sprinted to my car. As I started my car and looked out my window to see her now terrifyingly tall frame now with the muscle tone of a triathlon athlete walking hard my way. Her face sneering with hot rage. I shrieked and stomped the gas.


I spent the rest of that night in a shell mart parking lot. I was going to block her from all social media but she beat me to it. That scares the hell out of me. Because I forgot her name as soon as I parked and I’m pretty sure she remembers mine.


For anyone with questions. I didn’t have any holes in my neck (not so much as a hicky) and I don’t crave human blood.
I do believe that she permanently messed up my rotator cuf

Tyler Mansfield 
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Story has been edited to include punctuation. Some spelling errors have also been corrected, and it was difficult to figure out what you were saying in some places. I will leave it up to the Admin as to whether or not this story remains on the forum. 
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown."
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Tyler Mansfield Trickythehair
Story has been edited to include punctuation. Some spelling errors have also been corrected, and it was difficult to figure out what you were saying in some places. I will leave it up to the Admin as to whether or not this story remains on the forum. 

yeah I probably should of prof read it. My auto correct likes to change words like “is” to “I” or “of” sorry about that 
Tyler Mansfield 
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