It has been a few years since this all happened, so I will try to recall the details as best as I can. To give you some background, I was about 14 at this time, and I have always been an avid outdoorsman. I love nature, and just being outdoors, but I mostly enjoy hunting and fishing.

I had just recently moved to a new neighborhood, and became friends with a kid about my age a few doors down. We lived off of a small side street in a large neighborhood with houses on both sides of this small street. Behind our houses, there was a small section of clear yard followed by a sparse pine forest.

These woods were on a slope leading down to a mostly dried up creek bed. Occasionally, this creek would have small amounts of water running through it, leaving the dirt below very moist, and perfect for finding animal tracks. This is one of the main reasons that me and my new friend, Hunter, would always love to walk along this creek, looking for animals to hunt.

Hunter would always bring along his pellet gun, looking for things like raccoons and squirrels, and I brought along my hunting bow, looking for raccoons, coyotes, and I would occasionally even go after a squirrel or two myself. We began to see coyote and raccoon tracks lining the creek bed. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for a night hunt, as both raccoons and coyotes are more active at night.

Now, there is something else I want to mention here before I go on. I never really gave this too much thought, and am only now realizing as I write this that there may have been a connection between this, and what I experienced later. There was one set of tracks that I would always find in the creek bed that unnerved me, yet also intrigued me. It was a track nothing like I had ever seen before, and even when I looked it up, there was not a single known track like that in all of North America that I could find. I brushed it off as being a strange indentation made by rocks or something, but the tracks kept coming back, even after heavy rains, and always in different spots.

These tracks are hard to describe, but I'll do my best. Have you ever seen the cloven hoof-print left behind by deer that gives the impression of two separate toes? Imagine taking three, much skinnier versions of these toes and sticking them side by side. That is basically what the track looked like. Before you ask, I did think of the possibility that these could be overlapping deer tracks, but the symmetry and recurrence of them made that explanation hard to believe.

Now, moving on with the story. I was over at my friend's house, because his house had easier access to what I thought was a better hunting spot along the creek. I had gone over around sunset, and we basically just played video games, watched YouTube, and alternating sleeping turns until it got to be about 1 A.M.

I want to preface this by saying that I have never been inherently scared of the woods, having grown up around them my whole life, but the dark woods in the middle of the night did sort of give me the creeps. If you ask me, anyone in their right mind would be at least a little thrown off by the complete darkness, apart from the dim moonlight casting ominous shadows around you.

Anyways, I took my bow in hand and nocked an arrow. I was using hunting arrowheads that could definitely do some good damage when shot at an animal. Hunter had a red flashlight in hand. We used red, because most animals cannot see the red light, although humans still can. We walked out of his back door and made our way towards the woods.

As you first entered the woods in his backyard, you had to wind around some trees heading back to the creek, but there was a pretty well worn deer trail leading back to it. Hunter was walking in front because he had the light, and I was following not far behind, making sure that my arrow did not stab him in the back.

We were walking slowly, because we had walked up on and spooked a few raccoons before, so we were trying to avoid spooking anything in the area. We got about halfway to the creek, when we both stopped. Have you ever had that feeling that something is watching you? That feeling that something is not right? Well, we both got it at the same exact time.

Almost immediately after we got this feeling, we hear a rustling noise off to our left side. Hunter quickly shines the flashlight over there, and we are met with eyes. Not just a single pair of eyes. About 13 or 14 pairs of eyes in total, if I had to guess. I didn't exactly think to count the number at the time. But they were all staring straight at us.

It was not unusual for us to see the eyes of an animal, as the eyes of most animals in the woods would reflect the light of a red flashlight. These eyes were low to the ground, and spread out over a small area directly off to our left. I could not tell whether they were coyotes or raccoons, but either way, I knew I didn't like this situation anymore.

It was only after one more pair of eyes revealed itself that I truly became scared shitless. In the center of the group, I noticed one more, much larger pair of eyes. It wasn't the size that freaked me out though. No, it was the height. Now, I have never been very tall, only standing at about 4 foot 10 at the time of this story, but I was looking up at this pair of eyes. Not just a little bit either. These eyes were a good two to three feet higher than my head.

I guess we must have both seen the eyes at the same time, because we both booked it out of there as fast as we could, sprinting the entire way back inside before panting to catch our breath. I nearly dropped my bow during my run, but managed to hang on to it.

Needless to say, we were both scared out of our minds at first. Our adrenaline was racing, and we were freaking out. It took us a little while to rationalize the situation, but we eventually were able to come up with a logical explanation. A raccoon must have been perched atop a branch on a small tree. Now, of course, that doesn't explain the size difference in the eyes, but I was eventually even able to chalk that up to my eyes playing tricks on me, or even just a slightly larger raccoon.

After we had calmed down a bit, we laughed it off, making fun of ourselves for getting so scared so easily. We set an alarm, and decided to go back out in a few hours after getting a little bit of sleep.

When we woke up, I realized that we had either slept in, or the alarm had failed to go off, so it was about 10 in the morning by this point. We decided that, even though we had missed our second hunt of the night, we would go out and take a look at where we had seen those eyes the night before. We were hoping to see some tracks that might tell us what was there. We were not quite in the creek bed yet though, so the chances of tracks showing up was not very high, but we decided to look anyways.

It was this next part that still scares me to this day, and I'm even looking over my shoulder in paranoia as I right this now. We went back to the area where we had seen all of the eyes, and I didn't even make it to where they were standing. Both of us bolted out of there for the second time as we were now clearly able to see the area where the animals had been standing... and the fact that they were standing in the center of a small, about 25 foot clearing that we had cleared out years ago so we could camp there overnight. This meant that there were no trees for something to climb, no bushes for something to sit on, and not even any low hanging branches over the clearing. Just nothing but leaves.

Still, to this day, I have no idea what I saw in those woods, and I still get freaked out every time I step into the woods while it is dark out. I don't go out at night without a flashlight, and I definitely never go unarmed. Even all these years later, I have not been able to get that image out of my head. It's like I can still see it's eyes staring right back at mine.

If any of you have any idea what it may have been that I saw, if the tracks I saw prior had anything to do with it, or even just any information you can about the tracks themselves, I would love to hear it, as I still have not found an answer all these years later.
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Trevor L.
Is it possible for you to make a sketch of this track that you could not identify to the best of your memory, then upload it here.
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