I work as a psychic medium, and the Unseen doesn't scare me, given that I have been doing clearings of people, buildings, and land professionally for nearly 30 years. Before that, I have had paranormal experiences since I was a baby. Not much scares me anymore.

One story I have is more funny than scary, although others might not think so.

Backstory: Pretty much every home in which I have ever lived has been haunted, probably because of my sensitivity. In one place, my bedroom was in the finished basement so my numerous children could have the bedrooms on the main floor, and I could have some peace.

Our pet cat, aptly named ‘Spooky’, kept spraying all over said basement and when I contacted a pet psychic, she told me that there was an entity that lived in the laundry room in the unfinished part that kept taunting him. As an alpha male, he was trying to set boundaries with it. I didn't sleep much downstairs since I was going to college full-time, caring for 4 kids and working. I would fall asleep in the recliner in the living room over my homework.

One other thing that you need to know about me is that I have an issue with being woken up while I am sleeping. Wake me even 30 seconds before my alarm goes off and I will throat punch you. One night, I actually made it to the bed downstairs. I set my alarm for my usual 6 AM and fell asleep immediately. I woke at 4:13 AM - which by the way, seems to be a running theme when the Unseen wants to mess with me - feeling a chill on my neck, and I rolled over to find myself face to face with a 3 foot tall shadow person. Definitely a new experience for me - usually they're taller.

He was like black soot - wispy around the edges, but deep black in the center with glowing red eyes. Despite the semi-darkness in the room I could see him clearly because he blotted out everything behind him. By this time I had been woken up by hundreds of entities and spirits over the years, so all I felt was annoyance that he had disturbed my sleep. We looked at each other for a moment, and then I yelled - with real irritation mind you, "WHAT?" His head, or at least, what I thought was his head, snapped back in what I took to be surprise and he then disappeared with a pop. It seems that I had disconcerted him a bit. Shouldn't have messed with a tired woman who's dealt with way worse things than a pipsqueak of an entity.

I was never bothered by him again, although my cat was still thoroughly destroying the carpet in the basement.

Hey! I was a busy mom – I did NOT have time to deal with their spat!

There's a saying that goes, "Plumbers have leaky faucets and carpenters have squeaky doors." It would make sense that a psychic medium would have an infestation of Shadow People.

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"Shouldn't have messed with a tired woman who's dealt with way worse things than a pipsqueak of an entity." 😂😂
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