so i use the site "Steam" frequently, i have taken abuse from loads of people in all sorts of shape and forms But this was something way different, i spoke to a man who was called "Heavy"

normal name right? well i had been talking to this guy for ages, he was weird but i delt with him for z, he liked Terraria and was called "TERRARIA GAMER 2007" at the time of adding he never told me anything about himself apart from the fact he loved Terraira, and thats it, the only game he loves, this stuck me as odd since i love all sorts of games and modding, PAYDAY 2, Battlefield, Crysis, Halo you name it i play and mod it
so i was talking about giving him a photoshop editied photo since he never had one on steam, wait till i tell you why, the person proceeded to tell me he lived in hell and the convo went like this


Heavy: I live in hell
me: hells a fairy tale just like god
Heavy: 66666666666666666666

now normally i would shrug this off and be like "meh" but my instinct kicked in and then he immediately deleted me and went offline whilst being online, you can do that though if you have two pc's, one online on steam while the other is offline.


anyway i blocked him, thinking he's an asshole and checked his profile now what i see told me why he has no profile pic, he was the devil
or so he says...

after this it rained for abit, not long like you'd expect, very confused PHOTO AKA MY PROOF
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