This happened to me when my pals and  i went on a "dropping". A dropping is when you are dropped at a place you don't know and you gotta find your way home while people in cars hunt for you and when they spot you, you get a point. The person with the least points and get to the designated place is the winner. 

My brother and 6 of my pals were fooling around acting stupid as we always did causing my dad to say "don't you numbskulls have anything better to do". "like what dad" and my dad started thinking. "Well how about something outside" to which i just chuckled but before i could say anything terry just said "what do you guys think about a dropping". We all agreed to this and made our home the place where we had to end up after being dropped.

My parents dropped all of us off my mom said "ok so lets see how long it takes you guys to travel 20 miles". They drove off and we all went into different directions. I have always been terrible with directions so going through the woods probably wasn't the best idea. 

I walked around for what seemed like hours until i heard the sound of a crying dog. Me being a animal lover i went to look to see what was wrong with it. I saw a wolf stuck in a beartrap and i slowly walked to the trapped wolf. It growled at me but i slowly started to get closer to help it and the wolf started to calm down allowing me to set it free. The wolf looked at me and then just walked off to which i did the same. After what felt about an hour i accepted that i was lost and just told myself that if i just keep walking in a straight line i'd find my way to a road or something like that.

I walked and walked for hours but was still stuck in the woods but then i heard branches breaking from behind me. My heart was starting to pound harder and i was getting more scared. In my mind i was expecting a huge bear or something like that but i heard a weird type of growl. More like a gurgling actualy. I started running which i know isn't the smartest thing to do when facing a wild animal but fear got the better of me.

Not looking where i was running i tripped and fell hearing the the footsteps gaining fast. It was then that i heard barking and i went to look behind me and saw the wolf i had saved was barking standing right in front of me.

I then looked at the creature that was running after me was extremely skinny with claws and was running away now. It ran in a weird way though almost as if wasn't used to running and the gurgling growl was heard again and clearly came from that creature. After the creature was out of sight the wolf stopped barking and when i stood up it was standing right next to me. As i walked again the wolf didn't leave my side and growled a few times more as we kept walking.

Finally i found a road with a diner and after a few seconds i saw it was the diner my dad usually goes to with his colleagues so i was relieved to see a familiar sight. I turned my gaze to the wolf that was still next to me and then i heard the gurling growl again.

The wolf took a stance again growling at the creature which was standing just within my sight. The yellow eyes, pale skin, claws and extremely skinny figure kept making that sound and the wolf then started barking again scaring the creature off again. All so i thought. After i turned around to run at the diner i heard the wolf growling and when i turned my head while running the wolf was fighting the creature but i went for the diner. When i was at the door of the diner i looked back to where the wolf and creature were supposed to be fighting but i didn't see either of them.

I arrived at home last and clearly lost the dropping but my mom looked at me and said "what happened to you". I told everything of what had happened in the woods. My cuts from the fall healed fast but i had nightmares about that creature for a weeks and occasionally still do. Every once in a while though when i'm at the diner you can see a wolf standing on the edge of the woods.
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