I believe I should probably provide some detail of my circumstance in order for you to ascertain my thinking behind some of the decisions I have taken in the last few weeks. I am currently working on an assignment for my job which has required me to work at the opposite end of the country, it's confidential contract work so I cannot say too much without getting into trouble, not that it's relevant but it pays well and requires me to be in one location which just happened to be the other end of the country. It's not all bad though, I have my own place in the suburbs of the town which they cover the rent for.

However, being away from friends and family, I often find myself bored and without things to do when I'm not at work - so I'd been feeling for a while I needed a change of pace, some sort of adventure just to excite my life a bit.

Anyway, back to why I'm posting on here. I've had a small series of events occur in my life as a result of my own curiosity and, as I'm a regular reddit reader knowing the collaborative capabilities of the community, I was wondering if anyone had any idea whether I should continue to be worried?

I will try to keep the details to a minimum but I have a lot to tell you.

I guess the events start with the LED car.

One evening, I was finishing work and driving out the car park when I noticed a grey car that had LED panels covering the windows - the skies were dusk so it was somewhat noticeable. As I had cars behind me, I couldn't really stop to look so I had to quickly cast it out of my mind and drive on home.

The next evening finishing work and driving out, I noticed the car again and noticed that the LED panels had random numbers and letters on them. At the time, I thought it was strange but it was a cool kind of strange - people do all sorts of things to their cars. Over the next few evenings, the car had not moved and continued with its LED show of numbers and letters, I started expecting it now and, as a result, lost interest for a few nights.

That was until one evening, I drove past and, in my back mirror, noticed one of the panels said '.com'. That immediately piqued my interest; was there an order to the random letters and numbers? Has anybody else noticed this?

The next day at work, I thought I'd use my lunch break to go and see the car - it still had not moved, and the LEDs were still on. Upon seeing it close up, I noticed a couple of extra details; there were no registration plates and it wasn't clear to see what brand of car it was. Warning bells were ringing in my head, which only drew my attention closer to the digits being displayed on the LED panels. After standing there for about five minutes, I noticed the pattern in the digits; each LED panel was displaying a different long sequence of letters and numbers that ended with '.com'.

I noticed one of the LED panels had a persistent red light in the corner which anchored my attention and I decided to wait until the panel said '.com' and type the digit sequence displayed on to the Notes application on my iPhone which iOS then formatted as a web address, which, after checking I was not connected to WiFi, I then opened in the browser. It seemed to take a few seconds for the loading bar to complete before it showed a black page which only had the words 'Thank You' in white. I was a bit disappointed - I thought it might have taken me to the page of the LED panel manufacturer or something different. After that, I went back to the office and cast the whole thing out of my mind to concentrate back on my work. When I left work that evening, the LED car was gone. I was slightly weirded out by the coincidental timing but forgot about it after that point.

About a week later in the evening, the next strange event happened; I received an envelope through the door that had my name and address on but no postage stamp. Yes, that's right, in the evening, with no postage stamp. When I emptied the contents of the envelope there were three A3 sized cards with different symbols on them:
Card One had a picture of a handheld-radio with the number 7 written below
Card Two had a picture of a clock with the big hand pointing at 30 and the small hand pointing at 8 with 'PM' written below.

Card Three just had the words 'TOMORROW' written in black bold text across it
It didn't take me long to figure out what the cards were saying, and at the time I thought it was a fun marketing scheme that definitely caught my attention. As I said at the beginning of my post, I had nothing better to do with my free time and it was the weekend, so I decided to go out the next day and buy a handheld radio.

However, this is where the next strange event occurred, which caused me to miss my appointment with the Three Cards. Calling the event strange is definitely an understatement, as I nearly could have died. As I was leaving the store with my one-mile radius handheld radio purchased, I heard a loud screech as a car mounted the pavement at full speed heading straight towards me. My body instinctively reacted and I would have given Olympian long-jumpers a run for their money in that moment as I acrobatically jumped well out of the way of the car as it slammed into the buildings that were behind where I stood.

Obviously, emergency services were summoned, property was severely damaged and the driver had vanished from the scene (I don't remember seeing anyone get out the car), and as I was the main witness I had to stick around and answer questions, get a medical examination (the jump I did scratched me up slightly) and give the police a statement. It was about 11PM by the time I got home, and when I switched on the radio to channel 7 to test it out, I was met with complete radio silence. A part of me was disappointed, but then I didn't really know what I was expecting.

I wasn't disappointed for long though, when I woke up the next morning, on a Sunday, another strange envelope with three cards was waiting for me. Again, that's right, mail on a Sunday. The first two cards were the same, but the third one had 'TONIGHT' written on it. At this point, warning bells were going off in my head, and I was already creeped out by the whole situation, but I had nothing better to do and was quite curious by this point.

8:29PM rolled around and I was sat ready with my radio switched on to channel 7.

8:30PM - radio silence.

8:31PM - radio silence - I start to question what I am doing, but not before-

8:32PM - radio picks up a message being received and the speaker activated but I couldn't make out whether it was background radiation or breathing.

8:33PM - the same noise continues but I could hear what sounds like faint footsteps

8:34PM - a faint raspy voice speaks - I've substituted my actual details for brackets to stay anonymous.

" [MY FULL NAME INCLUDING MIDDLE NAME] of assignment address [MY ASSIGNMENT FULL ADDRESS] and home address [MY FULL ADDRESS BACK HOME]. You work for [EMPLOYER] and your date of birth is [DATE OF BIRTH], car model [MY CAR MODEL] and registration [MY CAR REGISTRATION]. Thank you. We are watching. Watch yourself. Soon."

8:35PM - radio silence.

I dropped the radio in shock and disbelief.

That "conversation" happened last weekend, and since then I haven't noticed and encountered any weird or unexplained events out of the ordinary. The part that unnerves me, is that my radio only works to a radius of one mile - that's unobstructed range too. I feel like I am not finished with whoever was on the other end of the radio, and if anything else strange does happen I will keep you updated, actually I will keep you updated anyway so you all know I'm still alive and sane.

In the meantime, am I right to feel paranoid? Should I do something about? Should I call the police? I haven't got much sleep over the last week. Let me know what you think.
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