I was 12 or 13 years when this happened. I'm 20 now as I type this.I was short and pretty chubby when it happened. Thinking about it even now makes my shiver. I was living with my mother when this happened. I lived in a small town at the time. There was a cornfield behind my house, but what got me so uncomfortable wasn't because of the field. I was in my room one night, my mother working late. I sitting on the couch with my great dane, I'll call her Bobby for the story. She was on my left, her head on my shoulder. We were watching anime because it was well pass midnight. We had done this many times. I didn't like sleeping when I knew I was alone so late. I just got weird feelings when I did, sometimes having nightmares. It was like any other night. We were sitting there, watching TV and eating snacks. That's when it got weird. I heard a loud knock on my door. It was loud enough that Bobby jumped up and began to growl. I had never seen her growl like that before. It was deep and harsh. Now, she was a very friendly dog. I had never seen her growl at a person. Sure, she had growled at cats and other small animals outside. But now the fur on her neck was bushed up, her tail shaking like she was cold. The house was very warm because it was fall. Now, we didn't use the front door. We always used the side door. So I had to walk through our small house to the door, Bobby by my side with her teeth showing. I patted her shoulder. I was sure it was one of our weird neighbors needing something. They would come over all the time for eggs or flour or even drink mix. However, they never came over this late. Maybe something was wrong. I slowly peeked pass the curtain we had over the window on the door so people couldn't just look in. So I peeked out, but I didn't see anyone. I felt uneasy, but I didn't think much of it. There was never anything bad in the town. It was one of those towns that you think of happy fairs and best friends forever. I was always easy to spook. I'm a strong believer in the paranormal, always have been. I sighed when I was sure no one was out there. Maybe I heard things that went there. As I thought about it, I knew I was wrong. Bobby had growled. She had heard it too. I went around the house, locking windows and doors that weren't already locked. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was sure Bobby could hear it. As I went through the house, she stayed close, still giving a low growl. Once I was done, I knelt down to pet her. She pressed her head to my hand. She whimpered and tucked her tail. She was scared now and looking out the window. I froze. I didn't want to look. I could see flashes in my mind of a killer or monster. I knew I shouldn't have watched that scary movie early that day. I slowly stood up, nearly peeing myself when I heard something tap the window. It was slow and heavy. I began to pant in fear. There was no tree near the house. There wasn't even any wind that night. I slowly turned to the window, eyes closed. I heard Bobby whimper by my side. I slowly opened my eyes. Nothing was there. I let out a sigh and shook my head, "Come on Bobby. Let's go to bed."
She whimpered and shook. Thankfully she was still small enough for me to pick up. I carried her to my room, crawling under the blankets and pulling them over my head. I felt childish for doing so, but I didn't care. I hugged Bobby close and felt tears of fear sting my eyes. I heard the tapping sound on my window, right next to my bed. I shook my head and bit my lip. I had noway to defend myself if someone broke in. I moved the blanket with a shaking hand. Again, there was nothing there. I was very scared. I went to the kitchen, wanting to grab the phone. If someone was out there, I could call the cops. As I hit the buttons, I froze before hitting the last button. In the window was a dark shadow. It looked like a human at first, but as I looked, I felt my body go cold. This thing was looming over the window. It looked as if it had to bend over to look into the window. I could feel Bobby by my side. The thing had glowing blue eyes, making me feel sick. It smiled at me, showing it's long, dripping teeth. I dropped the phone. It ran a long, wet finger. There was no rain or creeks near the town. We were surrounded by fields, so there weren't even woods around the town. I shook so badly that I fell over. I hit the floor hard. The thing smiled wider and spoke to me. I felt my lungs tighten. I reached into my pocket for my inhaler as it spoke to me in a deep yet high pitched voice: "Open the door child."
I shook my head, using my inhaler. I didn't know what to do. It had long hair that covered it's bone white face. The cheeks were sunken in and some of the flesh was moving. I wanted to scream, but it got stuck in my throat. It spoke again, "Open the door child. I just want to come in." it tilted it's head to the side, but it was too far for any human or animal. Maybe an owl could tilt it's head that far, but this was no owl. I shook my head again. This seemed to make it mad. This time, the voice was harsh and mean, "Open the f***ing door you little b**ch!"
I closed my eyes, not wanting to see this thing as it hit the window, cracking it. I shook my head, "This is a dream!" I yelled in my head. It spoke again, as if it heard my thoughts, "This is no dream. Now open the door."
"No!" I said in a shaking voice. I hid my face in my hands. I felt the chill of fear wash over me again and again. I didn't know what to do. I inched back, heading to the kitchen. I thought that if I got a knife from the kitchen, I'd be safe. I watched it claw at the window with it's bone like hands. I began to pant. I froze up. What could I do? What should I have done? I grabbed my necklace, which had a cross charm, and held it up. I didn't know why, but I did. I screamed for it to go away. I felt more than heard the window shake. I closed my eyes tightly and screamed again, "You are not welcomed here! Leave me be!"
I shook and panted as I heard it let out an unearthly scream of what I was sure was anger. I slowly opened my eyes. It was gone. I shook as I staggered to my feet and got a knife from the kitchen. I sat in the center of the living room with all the lights on. I must have fallen asleep there. When I woke up, my mother was shaking my arm, "Hey! Hey, wake up!"
I blinked, dropping the knife. I was going to hug her, but she looked so made and demanded what I was doing. I knew she wouldn't believe me. She asked about the cracked window and why I saw sleeping with a knife in my hand. I blamed a large bird hit the window. I also lied about having a nightmare and felt scared. She shook her head and told me to go to my room. I did. When it was morning time, I got dressed with my favorite jacket. I wanted to know what that thing was. With it being light out, I felt more comfortable. I walked around to thew window. In the dirt were prints. They was bigger than my hand and looked like a mix between hoof and cat. I looked over my shoulder to the corn. I felt something was watching me. As I looked back to the house, I saw the dried blood on the wall. I covered my mouth as I looked between the wall and corn. Where had it come form? I shook as I turned to the fire pit we dug in the middle of the back yard. I don't know why I did. I really wish I hadn't. There were bones. I knew my mother would become very upset with me for all this. I ran inside and got a wet rag and shovel. I quickly cleaned the blood away and dug a hole near the only tree in our yard. I tossed the rag and even the bones, which looked like dog bones, into the hole and filled it in. I patted the dirt down and tucked the shovel away. My heart was pounding with fear. I shook my head. I wanted to become nothing, to fear nothing. I sat down, hugging my legs to my chest, which kind of hurt, and just shook. I sat there for what felt like years. As I was going to stand up, a voice stopped me, "Come get it!"
It sounded like my mother's voice, but it wasn't coming from the house. She wouldn't be calling me for anything. At least, not to come get something. She never cooked breakfast for me. I looked at the corn, seeing the blue glow in the shade of the corn. I began to pant. What was it? What did it want? I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed, scaring my friend. We'll call him Jack for the story. He jumped back, "Woh!"
I cleared my throat my throat, "Sorry man."
"What's got you so jumpy?" he asked me with a goofy smile. He was always had that goofy smile. I sighed, not able to stop myself from smiling back at him, "You'd think I'm crazy."
"I already do!" he joked.
I suddenly felt the eyes on me. I cleared my throat. Jack seemed to understand something was wrong, "What?"
"Don't make it clear you're looking, but look at the corn and tell me what you see." I whispered to him. I watched his slowly glance to the corn, not moving his head. I watched his face fall into a fearful sneer, "Not funny dude." he hissed at me, "Who'd you pay to hide in there?"
"No one!" I whispered to him again, "That thing...It was trying to get into my house last night!"
His eyes widened as he listened to me, "What?"
"It tried to get into my house last night!"
I grabbed his hand, pulling him to the house. He wouldn't move. I tugged on his hard, forcing him to look at me. His eyes, which should been a dull brown, were not wide and blue. I let him go and his eyes went back to normal. I gulped, "J-jack? You okay buddy?"
"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" he seemed very confused. I took a shaky breath and explained, "Your eyes were blue."
"No, I have brown eyes." he sighed, "Do you need glasses now?" he joked. I could tell he was doing his best not to look back at the corn. I did though. The eyes were gone. I looked at Jack, "How do you feel?"
"How old are you, Jack?" I asked. Something wasn't right. I felt like this wasn't Jack. Jack was only a year older than me, so I knew something was wrong when he said his age. The wrong age, "Same as you."
"What's your favorite color?"
"Blue." that was wrong. I asked another question, "What's your last name?"
He glared, his eyes going blue. It knew I was onto it, "Let's go inside."
"N-no." I looked away, "You didn't answer the questions right. Where's Jack?"
"I am Jack!" he grabbed my arm so hard I was sure there would be marks, "Ow! That hurts!"
He grinned. It wasn't one of his goofy grins. IT was a sickening grin that made my heart drop. I yelled as he leaned in and tried to bite my neck. I don't know how, but I pulled away. I ran inside and called 911. He didn't come inside. I think the thing needed to be given the okay before it could come in. Jack, or what was suppose to be Jack, stood there and yelled at me to let him in. I locked the door, my mother yelling about my friend being to loud. I shook my head, "You're not Jack!"
He sat there yelling until the police came. They took Jack away. I never saw him again. I didn't sleep well that night. I kept thinking the thing would tap my window again. It never did. It left with Jack. I looked at Bobby as she jumped into my bed. She shook as she nosed her way under the blanket. For years I thought the thing would come back, but it hasn't yet. I can't help but think of what might have happened if it did bite me, if it did get in. To all out there, beware. It could be anywhere. I don't think it stays in one place for long. It might be somewhere near you.
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