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My friend has been growing he has sharpened his skills and grew a thick layer of leather that acted like armor and i found out something interesting. When he is subjected to electricity he grew in power by around 15x i figured this out when he was struck by lightning one night. We are still on the run from that group of people and are always moving from town to town. He took a strip of metal and wood and a strap and animal skin and made it into a blade. He uses it to hunt and defend me and him he has been getting smarter to. He is also able to take a tank shell to the face and survive and now has spikes running down the side of his neck as well as his back which are razor sharp. He has gained the ability to camouflage that makes him hard to track. We have had a few more interactions with that group and i managed to take a rifle from a dead one to protect myself. I learned to use it and i could protect myself now. When we were currently in a small city we were attacked and i protected myself and he took out alot of them until they brought out the big guns and released another genetic monster and it was a ferocious fight but he managed to kill it but he took massive damage and i took out the rest. I fixed him up the best i could and he recovered in no time. We went into a large forest and built a cabin where we could be safe and where he could train and learn more. We soon found a cave that contained carvings from a long time ago. The carvings showed that early humans where at war with a race of man sized reptile which have great strength and endurance. My friend seemed shocked and he muttered " it cant be true....." I placed my hand on his shoulder and said "those were your ancestors not are much better than are a good creature i know you are because you are my friend." He smiled and we left the cave. When we got to our place my friend went hunting and came back with a deer which he had cut into to chunks and removed all the skin and hair. He had in a meat bag that he made and i cooked the food. In the middle of eating a grenade bashed through the window my friend covered me and i grabbed my rifle and we went outside and defended our home to the best of my ability. When i ran out of ammunition it was all up to him now he was throwing tanks and jeeps and were slicing them up. After a while a lightning storm started up and he went all out when he got struck by lightning. There was a aircraft that soldiers were pouring out of basically. He threw a tank at one of the wings and it fell and made a large explosion strong enough to knock him back. We ran away again and i will update if anything happens next.
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