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This happened a few years ago when i was intern as a scientist and was doing some research when an alarm went off and people started screaming saw people running as well as loud crashes and stuff being thrown. I walked out of my little office as i heard something burst through the wall behind me and what i saw a large black figure with yellow eyes and and was covered by smoke. It had a tail and spikes down its back it was breathing heavily....i think.... it tilted its head like was trying to understand what i am. The smoke cleared and i could see that its arms and and tail were rebuilt with robotic enhancements and i saw it had leather like skin along and it was hurt with a needle still in its arm. The alarms were still blaring in my ears and it raised its claw to attack but i stuck my arms out and it stopped and its eyes turned to a normal. It put its arm down and it had a look of sadness, sorrow, and pain in its eyes i put my arms down feeling like it wasn't gonna hurt me and i asked it "do you want to escape?". It looked at me and nods it got shot in the back by a soldier and it turned around and put its arm around in front of me and its eyes turned yellow again and the bullet fell to the ground crumpled into a small dick of metal and there was 10-15 soilders there and all had there sights on him. In a rage he slaughtered them as they screamed loudly and couldn't scrape him. When he was done there were dismembered soldiers everywhere and i was frozen it walked up to me and placed its cold robotic hand on my shoulder and i unfroze. He pointed towards an exit and i nodded i led the way we got out of their after encountering a few more soldiers. We made it to the surface level and there at that point i had to sneak him out and considering how big he was it was a bit difficult. We got out and i put him in the back of my truck and covered him with a tarp and i brung him home and he lives in my backyard thats connected to a large forest with a lake where he could live in peace. I fed him every day and he preferred live prey i also taught him basic English skills so he could speak a little. I soon learned how skilled he was as i saw him throw a large rock at a tree with incredible speed and it completely split the tree in half. one day he asked me this "what am i?" And i told him the truth i didn't know. All of a sudden he got shot right in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and he almost immediately fell to his knee and multiple people soliders came out of hiding and put me in handcuffs and put him into a large cage on the back of a truck and drove us back to the facility. I was sat in a chair while he was put in a separate room which i could see into. They put him on a table that was vertical which the locked him into. They put large needles into places where they could take his blood and when they did he woke up roaring loudly in pain and he couldn't get free. He passed out after a few and was looking pale but was still alive. A person came in and he had gray hair and was wearing a black suit and began asking questions like my name and other things, i asked him "why are u doing that to him hes a creature not a test subject!?" He explained that that creature was a great danger to humanity and and must die. I tried to convince him he was wrong but nothing worked and as a soldier pointed his gun at the back of my head he lost it.. He broke free from his restraints and broke into the room killing the soldier and corning the man in the suit he screamed and i saw blood go everywhere and he was disembowled and had his head ripped off he broke my cuffs and destroyed all the doors and as soon as we got out we ran quickly to get as far away as we can. Currently are resting around 50 miles away and he had to carry me for a while we stopped at a small area where we could build a small temporary home for now. I will post an update if anything happens.
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