I live in a medium size college town. This story happened a few years ago around 2016 or 2017. I keep my location secret out of fear of prosecutions.

I have been practicing my craft for quite a few years and don’t open up about it normally, but I had a friend who I had grown close to. During a night walk, I told him about it only for him not only to believe me, but tell me about the fact that he has nightmares of a skull on fire.

I had a feeling something was wrong by how he said the skull mocked him. So, I started to train him but as I taught him, he sometimes stayed over at night. One night, the demon tried to take hold of him. All I had to do was look into his eye, and I know it wasn’t him. I had to place my hand on my friend to use my magic to push the demon back from his body.

After a bit, he snapped back to himself, and I had to tell him what happened. I felt he had to fight the demon himself but only when he was ready.

I wanted him to stay close by, so I could push the demon back when it tried again. Which it had tried at least a few times, each time I pushed it back. At one point, I went for a walk at night to sit by a stream which was in a little forested area which I draw some peace and power from.

Only some of the area is lit by the streetlights as it was right off the road, and in the darkness I felt a being that holds a panther-like form, I knew I couldn’t leave, so I had to fight the urge to run as I knew that the thing wanted to chase me and attack me.

So, I made sure to tell my friend so he could come and walk with me back, took him a while to get to me but I felt the thing move away when he arrived. Once back at my house, he told me he had always felt it there, and then I know it was another part of the demon whom was connected to him. I made sure he was strong enough to fight and beat the demon.

That friend has since stopped visiting me. But I am careful to try to stay strong and not go staying out while it nighttime.

This is the first time I decided to tell my story, I know what happened is VERY real to me. But I don’t know whom may believe me, but maybe if someone believes me they can know that even with some darkness out there, there are those of us whom try to fight it and keep us all safe.

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Artemis Gasai ArtemisGasai12345
ok, as a spiritual satanist who used to be a wiccan and somewhat still is, I find this very hard to believe, since demons will only appear if summoned and NONE of them have flaming skulls. Now, I used to be a christian, up until the middle of my sixteenth year of life, which I'm seventeen now, and I use pagan wiccan magic, but worship lord Satan and father Lucifer's demons, and the gods that wiccans(witchs) worship in fact ARE demons themselves hiding from prosecution such as this. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, but I am constantly visited by demons and the worst they ever look are a mixture of wolf and human, while very unpleasant to look at, they never mean harm to anyone who doesn't harm them or prosecute them,  I'm not saying this didn't happen, but it wasn't a demon trying to control your friend, but a soul who may have escaped from the christian version of hell, so please, don't use the word demon so loosely and  provocatively, or you will attract bad energy and the anger of an actual demon of Satan's hell, and trust me, that is a lot worse than some evil spirit that's pretending.
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ArtemisGasai12345, I sent you a message. Please message me back. Your beliefs and way of seeing life interest me.
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