My name is Red and I would like to share the time that I almost got kidnapped twice 

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I was 13 at the time and me and me and my siblings  went for a walk to the store and it was around 4 when all the after school programs started ending and kids started walking home’ anyway the store we was walking to was a new one that had just opened up’ and we wasn’t familiar with the area’ we made it there pretty quickly and we saw they was still setting it up’ but lucky for us there was a McDonald’s right next to it and a few other store’s


So we went to McDonalds made and order and started our walk home, now it was around 4:30 and some kids where still walking home we was almost home and we was passing this area that had a lot of woods and was very quite no one was outside there where barely any cars passing by  it was a very Sus area we did pass this way before on our way there though, so it was nothing surprising, just when I was about to bring up how weird it was a white van with tinted windows and the back  two  doors painted black including the license plate pulled up really close to the curb extremely fast and before the car even stopped the door closest to the curb started opening and we ran in the other direction and as soon as they noticed that the guy got out and started walking in the opposite direction and the van was gone we crossed the street and kept an eye on the guy he was holding some type of bag and kept looking back at us he was a dark skin guy  with a gray hoodie and had sun glasses and then when we started  feeling relieved the same van that dropped him off pulled up from another corner and picked him up and sped off we got home in a flash and I was reflecting on the situation maybe it would’ve been different if I remembered to wear my adidas,



I thought I was overreacting when I saw the same guy in a different van delivering stuff to houses, a few days later I was relieved but still kept my guard up every time went out and if I forgot my adidas I would wear an adidas hat ,


a few months later I was taking out All the trash and usually I do it early but everyone In the house was really sick  so I took a long nap before doing it when I was almost done doing it it was around 4:30 and it was rush hour and some kids where walking home  there where only two things of trash left to bring out to the curb I brought one out and when I started walking back to get he next one, I saw a regular black car slowing down and I got the last one and started  walking to the curb and the black car was parked really close to where  I had been setting the trash and I started  keeping my guard up If  they tried anything  when I got there I saw the driver watching me it was to dark in the car to properly see his face I though maybe they where having car trouble cause it had happened a few times before but I still looked back at them at least every 2 seconds i heard a weird click and when I looked the door closest to the curb had been cracked open,


and the guy who opened it was leaning really close to it, I started feeling sick and wanted to throw up but then thought there is no time for this and set the trash down and started power walking back with my eyes on them then the door that had been cracked open the window on it started rolling down and a man started calling to me and said something along the lines of  hey little man while waving his hand over and keeping it low key I didn’t  even say anything I wasn’t dumb deaf or blind so,


i didn’t even respond I just started running and I heard him yell and say something else but I wasn’t paying attention anymore and didn’t hear what he said and just slammed the door and locked it and as soon as I did that I stormed to the window and looked out and the car was gone ,


it only took me at most 8 seconds to get to the window, so that means as soon as they saw me take a run for it they sped off like the other van,


it’s been a few days since then and I’ve been way more alert and have been reflecting on it all,



like was it a coincidence  that it happened around the time kids where going home twice? Or was it a coincidence that I was targeted twice,


well there have been reports in my  neighborhood that a  white van has been  taking kids, I just hope that no one else had to experience what I did,



And I mainly hope no one got  caught by these sick bastards stay alert for any type of vehicle    because I learned the hard way that it isn’t always only white vans taking kids and I swear to god that this story is true weather you believe it is up to you,  and stay safe everyone,


So that’s where my story ends,

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