This all started on a November day in Mcallen ,Texas mexican border town central. One of my freinds had just come down from houstan and asked me if I wanted to go to the bar with her, if I had known what I knew now I would have told her that we keep the nerd gaming talk to the car.  Anyways I drove to her place and picked her up, and we went down the houstan street bar in Mcallen, Texas as we got there it was a simple night usually there were bikers only on wendsdays Friday Saturday and Sundays, we were there on Monday night which means it was a slow night with loud music blaring and a few regular patrons. Tabitha,  and I got a crown and coke  and began chatting she then brought up Dungeons and Dragons and I told her I was a World of Darkness fan myself she asked about it as we sat at the bar and I explained: "it is essentially our world but there are darker things lurking in the shadows like vampires werewolves and fey." she then began asking about the vampires and at that time a man who had just come in sober acted drunk and dropped his phone it wasn't until later that Tabitha told me she knew it was an act but didn't want to tell me so she didn't spook me over what could have been nothing.  As I continued and described things she pointed out the bikers and I told her it was probably nothing, and we continued to nerd out and enjoy the night about 5 minutes after she pointed the bikers out i noticed an oddity 5 or 6 white men with blond hair (remember this is Mexican a border town white people are rare down here much less 6 dressed the same in the same bar on the same night) and winter plaid shirts blue green  red with black stripes with blue jeans and looking like freinds (but watching everyone carefully) talking  and acting like they were having a good time but not getting drinks) made a half moon shape as if to trap someone in between them all and slowly made their way to the dance floor starting at the door and every 5 minutes took 5 steps forward. This rang enough alarm bells in my head as I had been reading the World of Darkness book Hunter the Vigil  what I was seeing was a tactic not some funny or game like bullshit made for tabletops no i was seeing a real life death trap tactic i knew if they caught me or her we would never be seen again, I was now stone cold sober as if I had not had a drink that night though I could still taste the whiskey and coke, once they had gotten to the dance floor I ordered two drinks and took Tabitha to the corner couch and she told me that she saw the bikers come after the "drunk" man's call this spooked me but I kept my cool and told her that once the bikers headed to the back of the bar like they had been every 10 or so minutes we pay our tab and get out fast. As we got out of the bar I lead her around a school memorial and around a church to get to the parking lot indirectly I did not want to risk leading them to my car with a direct walk to it. as soon as we got in we fired up the engine and I drove for 5 hours a from Mcallen to Edinburg to Donna to San Juan but there was always one bike that seemed to find us eventually I parked and waited another 30 minutes and  left from a neighborhood, when we got back to mcallen I had to gas up so I went to the first gas station we put in my card but it didn't work we went to another gas station and again same thing till I noticed someone prepaid for us which was the same thing as the last station but it did not click till then someone paid 5 dollars for my gas as I pumped i kept feeling as if I was being watched and the people infront of us had stopped their conversation to watch us almost as if to say they knew who we were and where we came from, at that at around 4.75 I quite pumping and drove off because I had the feeling that if I finished that was a sort of timer for somthing and I did not want to know what it was so we drove off and I dropped her off after escorting her to the door and spent the rest of the night in my room with a shotgun waiting for someone to try and break in if they did follow me.
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