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The following is a guide on the best practices for writing and posting your story - If you submit a story here, it may be passed over or removed if this guide or the forum rules are ignored. Using this guide, your story will be shipshape! 

NOTE: It is recommended that you create an account to post stories. While this is not required, it will allow you to edit your story in the future if you want to! Also, if you have an account, only your first post needs to be approved before you can post stories freely. If you make stories without an account, all of your posts will need to be approved by the moderators.

     Your Story Title

To post a story, the first thing you need to do is click the blue button that reads "Post A Story" at the top right of the page. You'll be taken to the submission form where you can begin typing your story. The first blank space reads "Title".

You probably already have a title in your head. That's good! There are only two things to keep in mind here.

  1. Capitalize your title like a book title (all the important words should be capitalized). Here is an example: Instead of typing "The creature in the woods", you would want to type "The Creature in the Woods".
  2. This isn't required, but it helps me (Darkness Prevails) review and find stories that fit future episodes! Also, it brings more people to your story to read! After your title, within parenthesis type up to three keywords or key phrases that tell people what your story is about. Think of it like what kind of topics your story might fall under. For example, this is a great story title: "The Creature in the Woods (Humanoid Encounter, Camping Trip, National Forest)".


     Your Story Text

The next part of your story is the story itself which will be written in the "Content" field of the submission form. First, I'll list the requirements for stories. Not following these rules/guidelines might result in your story being removed

  1. We are currently ONLY accepting allegedly true stories. If your story is fictional (a creepypasta), it is best posted on another site. Creepypasta submissions might be open again in the future but not at this time.
  2. Stories you post should be your own. Copying or ripping off stories from other sites or from other people will result in your story being removed and your account being banned.
  3. You need to be 18 or older to post stories here. If you are not 18, you need your parents to read these rules and terms and then ask them permission to post here.
  4. Stories need to be double spaced (that means every few sentences you need to start a new paragraph by pressing "enter" twice).
  5. Do not include peoples' or places' real names unless you are comfortable doing so and it is necessary to your story.
  6. Stories should be at least 500 words.
  7. Do not link to your story or embed it. It should be typed here, or it can be pasted here from a word processor.
  8. Keep the content meaningful. Overly disgusting content will be removed.
With that out of the way, let me show you how a decently written story looks! This is an excerpt from a story by a user named @gazebo_king

My story begins outdoors. My friend, who I’ll call Ricky, and I enjoyed hikes through the woods. We always found it a great way to relax after the work week, and so every Saturday, we’d make the thirty or so kilometer drive to Mt. Edziza. It’s a beautiful national park in northwestern British Columbia, featuring a huge amount of woods that climb the gradual slopes of the mountain. This day was no different from our usual. We were working our way up a trail, occasionally photographing the natural scenery.

Now, keep in mind this park is very isolated. As in, it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s a minimum hour drive from the nearest town, and the lack of accessibility led to it being one of BC’s less popular parks. Very rarely do you ever meet another person on the trails. That’s why when he first mentioned it, I thought he was messing with me.

I was bending down to tie my boot when Ricky quietly says “woah” out loud.

I look up. “What is it?”

He glances at me before turning and searching up the path. “I just saw some girl up there.”


“Up there,” he pointed with his finger to the end of the visible trail, “she was looking at us, and then she disappeared up the path.”

I was puzzled. “What did she look like?”

“I dunno. Barely saw her.” 

I felt pretty strange after this. After all, it was late August. The weather was cloudy, and there was even a little bit of rain. We rarely saw people during peak hiking days, so it was extremely unlikely he actually saw a person today. Despite that, Rick wasn’t the type to lie for no reason, so I figured he really did see someone.

We continued walking up the trail. As we neared where he said he saw the girl, we began to pick up on a smell. It was faint at first, gradually increasing the closer we got to the bend in the path. The best way I could describe it was a bouquet of flowers. If you ever spent time in a florist shop, you know what I mean. It was heavy, and concentrated, like we just walked into a room filled with nothing but roses. Still though, something about it was off in some way. It was… distracting. And it made me want to follow it.

Notice how: 
  • The paragraphs and sentences are different sizes making for comfortable reading.
  • Continuous dialogue is separated into separate paragraphs to differentiate between the speakers.
  • Sentences and paragraphs start with different words (plenty of folks, myself included, might be tempted to type "I" at the start of most sentences or paragraphs, after all the story is coming from your perspective).
  • The story opens with an introduction of the setting and characters with minimal back story - Explaining events that take place outside of the central story are not always important to the story as a whole.
  • Text is kept as the default font and color (changing the color makes it harder to read on this website, and changing the font breaks the consistent format of the site).

Keep these notes in mind and your story will look and read fantastically!

     Your Story Category

Now, it's time to choose what genre your story fits into under the section of the submission form that reads "Category". These are the available categories with explanations as to what belongs in each!


  • Ghost Stories - Stories featuring supernatural/paranormal events belong here. The story does not require actual ghosts! "Ghost" simply implies events or entities that cannot be explained. Anything paranormal belongs in this category such as Glitches in Reality, Psychic or Telepathic events, Warping Reality, etc.
  • Mysterious Creatures - If your story centers around a creature, monster or animal that looks OR behaves in a mysterious way, it belongs in this category. Stories that belong in this category might include Cryptid Sightings, Creepy Pets, Demon/Non-Human Ghost Encounters, etc.
  • Creepy People - Tales involving people as the antagonist belong in this category. If your story is about stalkers, killers, burglars, etc. then it belongs here. Consider this the "Let's Not Meet" category!
  • Other True Stories - EVERYTHING ELSE that does not fit into the above categories AND is allegedly true AND is creepy goes here. Remember, this site is or scary stories.

     Posting Your Story

That brings us to finishing up your story post! Now, all you need to do is make sure you've attached any mentioned or relevant images in your post by clicking the paperclip-shaped icon at the bottom-right of the form. If you mentioned pictures of ghosts or monsters in your story, then don't forget to include them! DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOURSELF.

If your post looks good, click the blue button at the bottom-left of the form that reads "Post"!

If you want to see what your post looks like before you click "Post", instead click "Preview Post" then click "Save" when you're finished editing it!

Now, you might notice mistakes in your post after you've already posted it. Not to worry! If you made an account before submitting your story, then you can go to your post page, click the blue downward-facing arrow at the top-right of the post area (opposite your username on the post), and click the pencil icon to edit your story.

You cannot edit your submission if you posted it without an account!

Thanks so much for choosing to read scary stories here or submitting your own. Best of luck. I look forward to reading you creepy tales!

 - Darkness Prevails
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The Mysterious UFO Chemical Trails 
From- India, Mumbai.
My story starts with a nice day one afternoon when I had my college it usually was from afternoon to evening. I would first take the bus from the station even though my college was walkable distance but as I didn't know the route much that time I decide to take the bus. The day on this incident I happened to walk to the college having thought I know the route enough , so I reached the station that day around 11.55 pm and started walking towards my college. I used to always travel alone to college so I had no one to accompany me walking as well as when I took the bus , anyways so I crossed the main highway from the foot-over bridge and came down towards the buildings.I decided that it was a sunny day so the building would provide me nice shade, so I walked in silence...it was not until I reached a chapel which was empty given the time. By the time I reached the chapel the shade that I was loving started behaving abnormally...at first I just said to myself that it must be some unusual clouds that's going and coming but then after walking little down the road from the chapel i got a bit annoyed at the shade going and coming so I looked up , and to my shock I saw a chem trail of some sort and the object that was making it was quite high up but was in an sort of Doritos shape. When I first looked at it I was still walking as I was late to College and thought it maybe an airplane and it's wings which was moving given the fact that even I was moving while watching it I felt it also was moving. So I reached my college and attended my lectures forgetting that anything had even happend. I left college a bit early that day which was earlier than usual because there werent any lecture's and there wasn't a point sitting. So I gathered my things and left around 4:45 and stopped for my usual cigarette break I finished my cigarette had tea and left. Upon reaching I had to take the same route which meant I had to pass the chapel once again so I walked down the road from my college until 5 mins of walking.

'When things started to get a bit weird'

However Before I could reach the chapel something popped up in my mind to see in the sky I don't know what made me think that way but I did,I reached the chapel and was a bit surprised that the shade was still the same given that it was just 5 pm where I used to go to college it was still sunny and there was time for sunset. I looked up at the sky to see why was that unusual shade there and when I looked up I was flabbergasted and shocked, one part of me wanted not to believe what I was seeing and believe that the shade was caused by some cloud, but one part of me was still in shock and wanted me to believe what I was seeing, the same scene what I had witnessed earlier when I had left it it was the same ! the same chem trail and the usual craft which I had seen but the only things was things were a bit more clear this time I rubbed my eyes and looked up again to see if was just imagining things but no it was still there.

There was something unusual about it that I kept on staring at it I was kind of mesmerized seeing it but at the same time my heart was thumping fast. Could it be the thing People always spoke about UFO or maybe it was something else that was unknown. "Nah" I said to myself it must be something which was unknown to me.  So I keep Looking at it and surprisingly the more I looked at it the more I could focus on the Dorito shaped object clearly! it was just still in one place and I could make out distinctively. Which looked liked maybe minutes of googling was busted when the craft suddenly moved in a left direction my heart beat started beating faster and then with surprisingly agility it moved to the right making sort of a trail line which looked like a "4". It then stopped again after moving right and stayed at the same place. I kept looking at it and then In a split second it went straight in a right direction it had turned leaving no trail.

It is only after it vanished or let's say sped away did I come back to the ground and see my surroundings it was getting dark and sun was setting I looked at my phone to check the time and I was horrified it was 5:30 I couldn't believe that I was apparently looking head up in the sky for half an hour. I was less horrified that I had missed my train and had to get to home by bus because of the overcrowded train's. Given what I had just witnessed missing my trains seemed less troublesome. Only when I thought things couldn't get murkier that I seen a car Un-marked stop just before the chapel and men got out it who were well suited sunglasses but had a poker face.I obviously stopped to look at them but I changed at top speed when one of the men started looking top at the sky with a binoculars which he had in his hand. It couldn't be true!it couldn't possibly be true, realising that I'm standing there alone I started walking as fast as possible without trying to attract much attention and went marching towards the station 

Upon reaching home I took it to inform my Friend what I had seen he obviously just shrugged listened and said yeah maybe! I couldn't understand what it was that I had seen what was more concerning that the People coming out of the car and looking at what I was seeing. Not that they knew that I had seen something but that gave me assurity that I wasn't dreaming. I started to theorise that those men who came out were from the air force given that there is a military quarters about 2 Kms from my college and a airforce quarters before the military it made my suspicion more clear. But still the question lied the same..... Whatever that thing was maybe showed up in Their systems/radar, or maybe for some other reason who knows.

When I look back at this incident I think to myself alot could have happened differently that day. Had I not taken the walking route and decide to go college and go to the station by bus I wouldn't even have seen it in the first place.  Also this raised alot of questions in my head as to why people showed up so late to see that thing as I had seen the chem trails and the craft at 12 pm and I seen them clearly around 5:30pm. Given the fact that ATC towers are about 6 Kms away from my college didnt they see it earlier on their machine's? also to my naked eye the craft appeared to be hovering or stuck if you would say, something that stationary should have raised more concerns, who knows wether it had moved when I was in College but where were the chem trails and why didn't it leave any trail when it sped up and vanished. Till day this whole days incident still gives me chills

(I would have told you my exact location of my College in Mumbai but given that I've already told you about defense being close by,  it would be unwise for me to disclose much.)
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