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I once visited my friend on a Native American Reservation in the Southwest (I won't say where out of respect for their privacy). Anyway, I was talking to one of the elders when he said nonchalantly "You haven't seen the Wendigo, have you?" I told him I KNEW them, but hadn't SEEN one. He actually seemed worried and I asked him what was wrong. he turned away without speaking, but muttered under his breath. I surely heard the words "now", "overdue", and "why?"

The following few days were nothing special, but at the same time, everyone seemed agitated. On the 4th day, my friend (we'll call him Blue), said he was getting nervous because it seemed like every time the end of the month, a Wendigo would show up and terrorize the youngest children and try to mimic the voice of the elders. I knew the Wendigo can do that, based on the legends. I said that I didn't think it would happen. boy, was I wrong in my assumption. Before I tell what happened, I've NEVER seen a Wendigo, but it doesn't resemble any cryptid I know of.

I was sleeping in a tepee Blue had set up as a sort of joke on his heritage, when I heard a voice that sounded Southern, but garbled, like they were speaking and gargling mouthwash at the same time. It said "Hey, kid? I have a warning. Don't stay here." It sounded like one of the elders, named Dark Stallion (again, false to protect identity). I said "What?" "You heard me." it replied. I looked outside the tepee without opening the flap and saw a horrific sight! It was a strange creature about 8 feet tall, wearing a deerskin in a cloak like manner, horns (or antlers), a skull for its head/face, and 2 long, spindly legs. I saw it looking around. Maybe it was looking for the youngest kids. I ducked back inside and woke up Blue. When I told him what was outside, he replied "I tried to tell you." We didn't know what to do. We just kept ourselves silent and still. After a while, we heard tramping sounds going back into the woods, with the words "I'll be back." I almost laughed from that comment because I had heard it in Terminator. My friend shivered and kept himself awake until the next morning. 

The final night I was there, I was sleeping alone, and I heard what I thought was Blue saying "Come outside, I want you to see this." Even though it was almost a dead-ringer, the voice was still . . . wrong. I didn't say anything, but peeked outside and saw the same thing. Then I heard the voice again, but it was deeper, angrier, and more insistent. "COME OUTSIDE, NOW!" Next thing, I knew, I heard whooping and saw 2 elders run out of their tepees holding rifles. They aimed at the creature and it fled into the woods. I was so terrified that I left the very next morning. I thought the terror was done, but I got one last shock before I left. I happened to look down at the ground and saw a message in huge letters.
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