When I was around five years old my mother "Cassidy", sperm donor "Kyle"and my younger four year old brother "Rylie" all moved into a old farmhouse in Ohio. Now I can't say that I have perfect memory at times, but what happened in this house I can remember every single chilling memory.

It started on the very night we moved in. My younger brother and myself chose our bedrooms on the second floor of this house. He got the second biggest room right beside two staircases one in the hallway leading to the three technically four bedrooms. The second staircase was behind a door in Rylie's bedroom, but it lead to a bedroom with a staircase leading down to the ballroom like area.

The room that I had chosed was the biggest one that had three huge windows, a small closet, and a smaller window leading to the overhang of the front door. Now we had set up my bed under the second huge window and had the other two on either side of my bed. We moved in the very 1st night and settle down. My parents were downstairs in one of the bigger bedrooms. It was easier for my mother who was pregnant with my baby sister and was only three to four months, before she was to give birth.

My two older siblings had came with us as well staying up in the last two room Jordan my older brother took the room inside Rylie's room. Hayley took the third biggest room that was down the hallway from both my brothers and my room. They had gotten me and Rylie ready for bed early so to no stress my mother in her delicate condition.

We all want to bed early that night and it was peaceful until something woke me up at midnight. And I know that it was midnight, because my mother had been teaching me how to tell time for a couple years at this point. Now I never wake up this late in the night before, I normally woke up really early in the morning and that was normal around five in the morning.

Now as a slightly more mature child I was I didn't get up from my bed or call out to my older siblings. I sat up and started rubbing my hands against my eyes, before I tried to figure out what woken me up. I looked out the window on my right side to see nothing, next the one behind my back nothing again, the finally out of the one on my left and still nothing that could have woken me up.

I was about to give up and lay down to go back to sleep... until I remembered the last window that was in my room. The tiny window beside the closet that was about three feet away from the left window. I looked into the direction to put my nerves to rest and go back to sleep. And I wished I just had want to sleep and never looked at the window that night.

Leaning against the window was a huge shadowy figure of a human with burning bright red eyes. When I saw the figure I just thought it was Kyle checking up on me and my siblings, but when I locked eyes with its eyes I realized I was wrong.

I was frozen in fear staring into its eyes which felt like they're looking into my soul. I didn't move, looked away and if I could have I would have stopped breathing to. But I was five so I couldn't have thought of holding it for a moment or two. But the moment this being had moved I screamed loudly and closed my eyes hiding mine away from this being.

My older brother who had stayed up late to read a book had heard me screaming and had come running to my room. When he came into my room he went straight to me and had yelled "Shell" getting me to stop screaming. He had gotten me to calm down after a few minutes of him talking with me quietly, but I was still very frightened.

I had told him about the being besides my small window and how it tried to get closer to me, but he said something chilling to me. He had said "But Shell we are the only ones in the room and I didn't see anyone at the small window." and this only scared me the most.

I didn't stay in that room the rest of the night and had stay with Jordan for the rest of the night. And until a month before I was to turn six years old strange and frightening the things kept happening in that house. I never felt more safe and protected until we moved out of this house. I will still say this "I never wanted to leave a house faster than that very moment.". And I will never return to that house if that's the last thing I will ever do.
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Darkness Prevails
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