I had to have always problematic relationships with a dentists. First meetings as a young child as 6 years were catastrofic. An angry older woman as a doctor, I really fight against her dental treathment. I even bite her finger.

I needed dentists service desperately, but drilling was a pure torture. My father was giving more candy to me as a toddler time when he was working at the candy factory and again when caming back from a long work travels. The thing my mother wasn’t so happy about.

Telling from my early years -

Topic what comes sudden remarkable for a further story.

When I went to a school, I realized even without a tootache that now is my time to finally fix my teeth to health station, my father came with me and kept holding my hand when I was suffering. Even 9 caries spots found. It took half an year to fix those. I learn to knew rosedrill with it’s alfull sound of a grunt and a diamontdrill, which scweech was high and sharp.

But scariest experience in a dentistcare was when I was an young adult. Once again the drill was rolling and a light of a dental chair was blinding me.

Suddenly my dentist who was good at her work, didn’t continued, she was acwardly silent on some seconds and then she asked me: ”Do You feel anything somewhere in Your mouth?”

I was wondering what she ment to say, why? ”No” I was able to say and she looked again all over my mouth.

I was like a question until she spoke to me again.
”Oh, there it is!”

Then she told me:

”Well, my drill tool went cut. I found the rest of it which was knocked off, standing tight still on one of the rest of Your caries replacement. ”

Many more times later I thought that incident - how fast these drills are - many hundreds of a rounds per a second I guess, or even thousands? And when the part of the drill tool was flying in my mounth; how fast and in which speed it had to flew inside my mouth and the possibility to end on a soft tissue - for a cheek or tongue or inside my digest channel; or in my throath to breadh in; or then get like ping pong ball there to where from teeth to teeth broken some of them before stopped. Now it had to stuck in a sudden hard amalgam metal. How much energy it takes to strike something in such hardened material?
In our nation Finland(thanks to a solidarity) a dental care was a part of a tax payers given goods to an every citizen, do dentist was continuing her good work and I didn’t even think to complain such accident which didn’t cause me a real harm.

But that real harm was so close.
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