By Manuel D.

Just felt like I needed to say this, I did not know whether to put this story under a creature sighting or just a true scary experience. What I saw looked like a regular person, but the way it moved was not human.

Just some back story, I was 16 when this happened, I am now 19. It happened while I was on a night jog and stopped by a Burger King to grab something to eat.

I finished my jog and decided to stop by a Burger King that was just outside the hiking trail. When I finished eating, I exited and before I continued on the trail, I saw something in the bushes that caught my attention. It was dark, but I could make out a hooded being. I thought it was a person at first and I kept on walking when I heard a growling sound. It sounded kind of like a cat growl and I got kind of scared. I looked back to where I saw the "person" and it was out of the bushes and on the trail, looking at me.

I froze in fear and after what felt like an eternity, it just took off. That's when I realized that what I just saw was not human. It did not run like a human, first of all it didn't run on two legs, but on all four. It was also very fast and it jumped on a tree and it climbed up the trunk until it was out of my view and hidden in the leaves.

I quickly but very cautiously made my way back to Burger King. I told one of the employees what I saw and luckily they let me stay there for awhile. I don't know how to describe the creature, it kinda looked like the hunter from left for dead, but a hundred more times terrifying.
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