Dale M
This happened a number of years ago in my cousin’s farm. His farm is in a very remote part of Colorado and it is surrounded by woodland. I would visit him a few times a year but that one particular year when my parents dropped me off and left I noticed my cousin Shay was trying to tend to a wound he had on his hand. “Shay are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah I just woke up with this cut on my hand and it still like heck but it will be fine.” After that I decided to greet my uncle and aunt. My uncle’s name was Ben and my aunt’s name is Jeanie. That day they were particularly odd on occasion glimpsing at the old decayed barn in the tree line. I asked them if anything was wrong but they said they were fine and I was wary but I said goodbye and walked away. That same night me and Shay were in his room playing his Playstation One when we heard the sickening sound of scraping against glass and the glass was his window my cousin told me to stay silent and we would be fine but his dog Rufus walked in and made the door creak. At that moment the creature screamed. The scream sounded like velociraptor but the tone was a lot deeper. My cousin got his baseball bat and opened the window and smacked the creature over the head causing it to fall from the second storey. After that my uncle and aunt ran in. My aunt had a hunting rifle and my uncle was carrying a double barrel shotgun. My uncle said “you boys wait here we’re gonna deal with this.” A long while later we heard shouting and we heard gunshots and we heard the sound of that thing screaming. It all died down and me and my cousin miraculously somehow fell asleep. In the morning we saw that the old barn was burned down to a crisp and for that creature. My uncle and aunt said they both got hits into the creature then they chased it down got it into the barn and burned the barn down. That was six years ago and I still hear those screams in my dreams but the scream I heard when I visited last year wasn’t a dream.
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