Along the line of the Bigfoot activity I've encountered i remember the most scariest event of 2003 in the summer time before my 11th birthday. It was dark and my family had a cookout for dinner and there was a hen shack was located northwest of my aunts house while north down a small stone stepped slope to my grandparent house roughly 50 yards apart.

Also the pen had been abandoned for 4 years due to it getting broke in to and my uncle sworn he saw a humanoid hairy man running into the forest which was 70 yards away and was a horrid smell when the wind blew from where the creature ran. He said it smelled like a wet dog and dead corpse and fecal matter and huge. So back to the story. Well we had a fire going in the front yard and we live in a forested area in Oklahoma by the Tenkiller lake area. Where singing along to the sound of the radio playing some classic rock and roll. Around 9 we heard a bang on the shack which was maybe 30 yards away nearly out of range of the security light so we all agreed it was a branch.

There was 8 of us there i probably forgot to mention my grandparents 2 aunts 2 cousins and my sister and I. So we continued to enjoy the tunes and enjoy some snacks when more bangs started to become louder than the radio and we all got up and my older aunt turned off the radio and my youngest cousin ran to get a flashlight and his brothers .22 rifle.

The banging lasted 3 minutes and when it stopped we all saw the most terrifying sight. Red looking eyes shined back and the face got covered by its left arm before anyone could really catch a feature.

The sound made next scared us all except my grandpa who had told me about these creatures had existed. It was a loud howl that made everyone's chest vibrate and we had to cover our ear and the spund was never recognized untill we found the Sierra Recordings which made my younger aunt faint when played to her to see if it was a match.

While the sound was blowing our ears my older cousin shot his gun in the air and it stopped and let out a long growl and started hitting the shack 4 times in a row. He then shot towards the shack not to actually shoot it but to let it be known we didnt want that trouble in our area. That thing ran towards the forest and the vibrations could be felt from the running it was doing.

We gathered everything that needed to be taking in and of course took it in. After the fire was put out we all had to separate to go back to both the houses. My older cousin watched as my grandparents and I hurried down the steps to go in. We all slept in the dining room wit the couches blocking both doors and mad sure our room doors were locked and we had our keys to them in case a break-in happened by the creature.

We did not hear anything the rest of the night but in the future would happen again in that area at my deceased grandparents old home still in the family hands. This is a true event
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