I don't really know where to begin but as a child, my mother always told my brother and I, that the worst thing we could possibly do, was to lie.

This would end up becoming a problem for me. Because I would often not be able to sleep until 4 o'clock in the morning. My parents often got angry with me, because I would be tired in the morning. I would often find myself crying for no apparent reason. Never for myself though. I never found that really necessary.

When my parents finally thought to ask me, why I wasn't sleeping at night. I told them that I was creeped out by the faces watching me. I pointed out where they would all be in a clump in the corner of my room, and how they all looked. My parents wrote this off as me just having imaginary friends. But when I said, they weren't imaginary, but people who had died, she got furious and told me I was lying.

This didn't cost me my courage though. I would especially begin to talk to one of the men (There were 7, 3 middle-aged looking men, an elderly lady, a younger woman and a small child. Another child was in my parents's bathroom. He was about 160-170 centimeters high (Approximately 5 feet 5 inches), slouched, had thin short brown hair, a lined face, with small, round eyes, that I couldn't really see. He wore a checkered, red shirt and had big, "work-hands", and always smelled of wood chips. I therefore believe, he was a woodworker of some sort, who'd spending most of his tie in the woods, because his skin was sunburned. He sounded like he'd likely have been my grandfather's age (born in the 1940's), if he'd still been alive and aged naturally. He began following me around everywhere, unlike the other spirits who would stay at our house.

One day I learned, that spirits weren't to stay here on earth but instead move on to 'the next'. whether that is Heaven, Hell, Helheim or Hades's Death-whelm, I don't know. I also learned that not all spirits have the strength to move on and / or have unfinished business here. So I did something, I should never have done. I told them to use my energy to move on, if that's what they needed. As soon as I'd said that, the elderly lady came forth and went into me. I don't know how else to explain it. Suddenly I was at the golf course almost right by our house, and my sister and I was running for our lives!

Now, the keen listener might remember, that I do not have a sister, but only a brother. It turned out, that it was the elderly lady's sister. I continued running, until the old man behind us came up to me, I fell over, he leaned in over me, and I knew I died. Luckily for me though, I was now back in my room, where I found my dear friend (the woodworker) with his hand on my shoulder and myself on the floor bowing as if I was praying in a mosque, while hyperventilating. After this I stormed out, or at least I tried, because my mother wouldn't let me wonder outside by myself for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I was very upset and still hyperventilating a bit, late at night. Instead she forced me to take a walk with the dog with her and had me tell her everything, so I did.

After I told her, she asked me to describe the woodworker in particular, because she thought it might be her grandfather, until I did and told her, that I believed he was too young to be.

A while later I was surprised to discover, that my mother actually wanted to drive me to school (I'd always go by bike). It was the same day, where my friend, the woodworker had been very quiet and not around very much. In the car she took a deep shaking breath and asked me to describe him for her one more time. Again I told her about his round face, shirt and so on, and she looked a bit scared. I asked her why she was suddenly so interested, when she'd told me before, that she'd told me to just forget it and not talk about it with anyone. She told me she'd called a clairvoyant who'd come to our house with his wife who was also a clairvoyant, but also a healer, a few days later.

Here comes the freaky part. Apparently she'd called him saying, that she didn't believe in ghosts one bit, but that I was acting out, so she thought he might be able to help me. He then told her, that I indeed wasn't but that a spirit was standing right behind her. When he described him, it was exactly the same description that I'd now given her twice. The only difference being, that he said the man wore round glasses, and I only saw his eyes as dark and round holes.

When they came over that Wednesday night, they tested me a bit to see, if I was actually seeing the spirits there or not. When I proved, I could, they confirmed, that there was indeed a young family of three in our living room, a little girl in my parents's bathroom, and a man beside me, who looked like a woodworker, and just as I described him.

They also explained to me, the different types of spirits and demons, and why it was important that I'd be shut down, so to say. That my 'powers' would be locked away. When they did, it hurt extremely. After they'd closed me down, they laid a ring around the house, cleared my brother, whose asthma suddenly disappeared, and my dog, who suddenly stopped limping as much.

Eventually, I'd unknowingly opened myself up again, and they had to come back to shut me down again. This time much less hurtful. they also taught me how to shut myself down and block my mind from seeing them. Also because having someone talk to you in the middle of class, an exam and more, is not exactly the way to concentrate and pass.

I have later encountered many other spirits and even an envoy of a demon, but I have also learned when to let them in, and when to shut them out, and hope, that others will learn from my story.


(On the right side of the flags in the picture, you see the starting point of the chase that lead to the elderly lady's death.)
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