hello. i am writing this because i need to get this off my chest. i wrote this story before but still i need everyone to know what i saw is 100% the true.

when i was little, maybe 6 or 7, i used to live in England with my family. minus the bullying and dumbs teachers, i actually enjoyed it. i didn't had any friends and my dad was in the army at the time, so i rarely saw him. so most of my years there, it was me, my mom, my big brother and little sister.

one night, i was heading to bed. i don't remember what i was doing before that but i do remember a dream i had. a weird weird dream.

i was in my old elementary cafeteria. it was dark out and i was alone. nobody was here. i climbed on a table to look more better. still nobody in sight. then the huge cafeteria doors opened and what i saw come through shocked me.

a dog. but it was not a normal dog. it was huge, massive really. it had black furr and looked more wolf then anything. i can only truly its shape as it growls and charges at me. i jumped table to table but yet the whole time, i didn't feel scared.

the dog tackled me and i saw its eyes. its glowing red eyes. when i hit the ground, i woke up in cold sweat. i honestly didn't know what to think. i didn't tell my mom or my siblings because they would think i'm crazy or lying. so i carried on my days as usual.

then one day, i was riding my bike in my old neighborhood. my old neighborhood was old, it had houses connected to each other and next to it was forests for miles probably it was that huge. i stopped to catch my breath. i didn't had a phone but my mom made me and my siblings carry walkie talkies so we stay in contact. i was about to go back to riding my bike when i heard a noise by me.

being a curious child, i looked up and was horrified at what i saw.

there, a good few feet away, was a black dog. this dog looked different. it was big, probably the size of a grown man, it was that big. yet it looked familiar, like i've seen it before.

i was watching it and it was watching me. then it started walking towards. i stayed very still,, frozen as it stopped at least 10 feet from me and i saw its eyes. then i remembered. it was the same dog in my dream. those same red eyes.

but then it turned and ran off into the woods. i felt relief that i wasn't attacked. i never told anyone about it. i was thinking maybe a neighbor's dog got loose.

fast forward and we moved to the US. my dad left the army so we spend more time together. i was 13 when i watched a old show called Lost Tapes on Animal Planet, when it was popular at the time. i was watching a episode about hellounds.

i never knew what a hellhound was until then. so i looked it up more and then i was shocked. it looked the same as a black dog. then i remembered my dream i had as a child, the dog from the dream and seeing that black dog in person, i felt sick really.

it was all too familiar. the red eyes. the black fur. its a omen of death and seeing it 3 times will kill you. i felt scared now. i still didn't tell anyone about my dream or my encounter. then when i was 18, 2014, marked the saddest year of my life when my mom passed away. i was heartbroken as was my family. i was depressed. i just lay in bed. i didn't go to school for a few days and forcing myself to eat so i didn't starved myself.

one night, during a thunderstorm, i was laying in bed, eyes closed. when out of nowhere, a image of that black dog came to mind. it was random out of nowhere and i panicked. i looked it up more and reading more about it. the page saying if you see it 3 times, you'll die.

but the first time i saw it was in a dream and this now third time was out of nowhere. then i looked up more and saw one on Black Shuck. i looked more up on it and ghost dogs. whatever page i was one, it meant omen of death.

i'm 23 and doing well despite this madness going on this year and yes still alive.

i am truly surprised i remembered it all. the hellhound, my childhood, all of it really. i miss my mom but hopefully she's in heaven, waiting.

now as i type this. i think about that black dog now and then and i wondered even now as i write this to tell my story,

did i truly encountered a hellhound?

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Great story !!!  What you saw  was true.
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After I wrote this, I asked my dad where in England we lived and he said New Market in Suffolk, 2 hours from London. Eastern side so I may had encountered The Black Shuck, I don’t really know, still amazes me to this day
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