Place:  Texas

This happened when I was 10 I think, before my mother passed.  This was the mid 80s in a small town in Texas.
I was allowed to play out side in the summer till mom turned on the porch light around 8-9 pm if I could not see it there would be hell to pay.  I never knew a dog i could not pet even the ones my older brother were scared of i alway could walk up to them so i had no fear of strays and was known to bring dogs home when i found them. 

I was out playing in the yard one night watching the fireflies and playing in the sandbox, when I heard a bark outside my fence it was a deep bark from what I thought was a BIG dog. I looked from the glowing fireflies wanting to see the dog. I saw a shadow of a large dog outside our chain link gate it was massive, fluffy, and blacker then the night around it, the dogs head was down I could not see it's eyes at that time. I hoped out of the sandbox I was sitting in and walked towards the gate as the black dog stood there, and opened the gate that is when out of no were my dog Bambie  (I named her when one as five give me a brake lol) a mid sized mix breed came out of nowhere snarling and getting between me and this other dog.  Bambie has only acted like this one other time dealing with a creeper and another story.

As soon as Bambie showed up the dog raised its massive head growing a low guttural growl that I could feel as much as hear.  I could now see two glowing red embers staring at me.  I was scared I could not move, my dog snarled still and let out a loud bark. My mother bless her heard it knew it was not like her and came out the front door right behind me.  She saw the black thing infrount of me and saw Bambie between us she yelled that this is a house blessed by God and you are not welcome here then in speed I have never seen of my mom she grabbed the back of my dress and my dog by her collar and yanked us both throw the front door, but that thing did lunge at my dog as mom pulled her away.  It bit her leg a gash was made. Blood was trailed in to the house.  My mom went to work stoping the bleeding and cleaning the wound the hole time praying the Lord's prayer and Hail Mary,  she also after the bleeding stoped went and placed salt lines down at all the windows and doors that led outside.

I did not sleep that night instead sat with my dog in my bed and waited till morning.  We took her to a vet as soon as his door was open it did need stitches and she was sick for over a week.  When it did heal it left a scar that her fur never grew over.  From that day on she never left my side unless I was in school.  I think she saved my life.  Mom also gave me a old small sliver cross I still were to this day.

I have seen many more things over the years but that one scared me so much.  Tho still work with stray dogs and still do not fear any NORMAL DOG.

Always watching!
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Will keep us updated if you see it again?
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I hope I don't but I will update if I do *shuders* the one and only animal encounter that truly scared me
Always watching!
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