Sean david
I live in a nice, quiet town.
A mostly  crime  free suburb.
We have had a few unusual  deaths since the expansion of the  highway. 
Some were attributed to  suicide, which is  depressing enough.
But other oddness has been occurring  since the new power plant began operating.
The new COAL power plant.
Lately, late at night I  should say. I've been  seeing an unusually  bright helicopter  hovering  above the area that the new plant is housed.
Sometimes I  will  see two of  them.
And on one particularly  interesting  sighting, there were three. Flying in a horizontal triangular  formation. 
They always head west after hovering for about two hours over the plant.
They always  appear in the north.
They are  always very quiet.
I've tried to  video  tape them, but I  can't  get any device  to record  them.
The video won't  save onto my camera's thumb drive. 
Sometimes I hear strange noises outside after  I've  seen them.
Or the electricity  will malfunction. 
Once, there was an odd smell, like body oder or wood shavings.
A mix of the two.
Coming from  under the bed.
I've  looked under there for the source, but I've never  found anything.
I suppose I  should be  worried  or scared.
But I  don't  see why.
They were just helicopters.
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