Bananaconda Cage
I was 18 years old camping with a couple of my buddies. It was snowy, and biting cold winds battered our flimsy tents. We all sat outside on log benches surrounding a campfire. The fire snapped and popped as the sun dipped below the black trees. When the light was gone, we all fell silent, and stared at the fire.

For about 30 minutes we just sat in silence, until the friend next to me sat up and declared that he was off to bed. After that we decided that there would be no more talk or stories that night and slowly receded into our tents.

We were all awakened by a loud and piercing shriek. I stepped outside the tent to investigate, and was shortly joined by the others. The younger friends began discussing what it was that made the sound and were quickly hushed by the others.

One of my friends went to grab a flashlight, he brought it out and pointed it into the forest, but didn't turn it on. He shivered and handed it to me.
"You turn it on." He said. I took it from him and flicked it on. It shone through the trees.
A pair of eyes shone back.
Everyone gasped. The eyes were about 30 yards in front of us. They were huge and white and reflected the flashlight. They seemed to swell with excitement. I couldn't see any other part of the creature. We all stood there watching it, and it watched us.
An hour passed, and I was tired. I set the flashlight down pointing at the eyes, then went back into the tent and left the flap open so could say watch the eyes. I didn't plan to sleep, but In was soon out cold.

I woke up soon after. It was still dark. I peered outside. The eyes were gone.
I closed the flap and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to find bare footprints in the snow all around my tent and my friends'. It unnerved me terribly. I asked my friends if they had been up walking at night and they all said no. We decided to leave after that.

A month later I got an in packaged note in the mail. It had a strong e symbol on it. It was a bleeding eye.

The mailman had died the night before.
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