This story took place during July of last year when I went on a trip to Edinburgh Scotland with all of my immediate family.

We had meant to be meeting up with my paternal grandparents while we were there, but rather freakishly, about 2 weeks before we were due to travel there, my Grandmother got in a bad car accident and been rushed to the intensive care unit. She had been driving along a busy road and hadn't seen the other car coming. 

Of course my Granddad was not going to leave her side while she lay in unconscious in the hospital. So we debated whether to still go on the trip, as the main reason we were going was to spend time with my Grandparents whom we hadn't seen in a long time.  Eventually we decided we would still go as we didn't want to miss the opportunity to spend time together as a family. 

We arrived in Edinburgh on the Monday and spent the first few days checking out the local tourist spots. My favorites being, visiting the castle and the Edinburgh dungeons.

Then the Wednesday of that week, we all traveled down to the hospital my Grandmother was being treated at. Due to the seriousness of her injuries, we weren’t allowed in the room. But I caught a glimpse of her through the window in the door. She lay motionless in the bed, her face bruised and pale. Her left leg was wrapped in bandages and her entire body just looked bruised and battered. 

She just looked so small and broken, but what hurt me the most was the expression on my Granddad's face as he opened the door and came out of the room to greet us. He looked…defeated. Like he had passed the point of sadness and no longer held any hope. I could see dried tear tracks on his cheeks.

He immediately threw himself at Dad, and started sobbing into his shoulder. We stayed there for a few hours, taking Granddad down to the hospital cafe, to make sure he ate. It was early evening by the time we left and I was relieved to see that a little a bit of life had returned to my Granddads eyes after our visit.

We arrived back at our hotel in Edinburgh a couple of hours later. Everyone was tired we all decided to go straight to bed. I entered my hotel room and immediately dropped down on the bed, it had been an emotionally exhausting day . I must have fell asleep not long after, as I awoke to the room engulfed in darkness. I hadn’t even turned the lights on when I entered the room, as it had been fairly light out still.

I sat up in the bed and reached over to the little bedside table for a bottle of water I had left there. As it was so dark, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I felt around for the bottle. Only my fingers came into contact with something cold and firm. It felt like a hand…

I felt a shudder ripple up my spine and frantically reached behind me for the control panel for the lights. Once I found the button, the lights came on and I came face to face with the figure of my grandmother crouched next the bed.

No sound escaped as me as I stared at her. She didn’t look quite solid and she was still wearing the gown I had seen her in at the hospital.

“Gra-Grandma?” I stuttered.

She was staring at  me, her eyes wide and almost…fearful. I  saw her glance briefly at the window before looking back at me.

I frowned and leaned forward slightly.

“Grandma is that you?” I asked, voice more confident this time.

She moved back slightly and I heard her whisper. “Don’t let it in. Ple-Please keep it away. I’m scared. Where is Pete? I want Pete…Pete will keep it away”.

I frowned at her in confusion. What was she talking about? Let what in? Pete was my Granddads name. What did she need him to protect her from exactly? She looked again to the window, clearly seeing something there she shrieked and bolted from the room into the bathroom.

I didn’t know she could move that fast. She had problems with her knees, so how she moved like that I couldn’t explain.  I slowly got of the bed and equally as slowly walked to the  bathroom door. I hesitated, still scared, before pushing the door open.

But she was gone. Vanished into the night as if she had never been there.  It was at that moment that a knock came at my room door. I almost jumped out of my skin at the sound. I unlocked and opened the door. My Dad stood outside. I could see tears in his eyes. Grandma had passed away in the night. Her injuries had proved too much for her fragile body and her heart suddenly gave out.

 I felt tears begin to stream down my face at the news. Dad held me close and I began to brokenly tell him about the apparition I had just seen. When I mentioned the look of  fear I had seen on her face. I saw concern furrow his brow for a second but he quickly smoothed his expression and told me she was at peace now. That nothing could hurt her anymore.

  I tried to believe his words, but I couldn’t get her expression out of my mind. We left Edinburgh a few days later, just my Dad staying behind to attend the funeral as we couldn’t all get time off work

After the funeral,  Dad later told me that Granddad had heard his wife’s voice as he looked at her for the last time, before they buried her. That she reassured him that she was at peace.

 This did ease my conscience for a little while. But then I started to experience these horrible dreams. Dreams of Grandma crying, and begging to come back. Of her face twisted in fear at the threat  of some unknown enemy. I couldn’t sleep for about 2 weeks straight. But I didn’t tell anyone as I didn’t want to worry them.

 Eventually the dreams stopped and I carried on with my life. It’s nearly been a year now since she passed away. But lately I can’t help but wonder was that really her voice he heard?  Something was after her soul as she lay dying in the hospital. I can only hope that she escaped whatever that thing was in death.



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