In 1948 a ufo was spotted by a farmer in Gurley, Alabama. This story was passed around when I was in grade school. I grew up in Gurley and recently moved back to attend college in Huntsville. It is a commute for classes, but it is worth it. I live here with my husband, six dogs, and one cat. We live on what used to be farmland. The old farmhouse stood across from us until this February. This was the farmhouse that we had told stories about and camped near to watch the skies. It was sad to see this piece of local lore dismantled. The destruction was sudden and strange. Usually when a building is destroyed the rubble is either burned or taken to a dump. This is not what happened. A huge pit was dug next to the house. Then the house was toppled into the pit. They filled the pit with concrete. The final step was to cover the concrete with dirt. Nothing was moved out. You could still see the knickknacks balanced on the windowsills as the house was dragged and pushed into the pit.
Why go through all of this to destroy a dilapidated old house? No idea. Maybe there is a logical reason behind it but there is nobody to ask.
Why wait until February 2019?  The show Project blue book aired an episode called operation paperclip.
The day after ....the pit began. It only took a few days of nonstop work then by the weekend the house was gone.
The "lights" still happen and they are not bolides or planes. They are low to the ground and silent to human ears. My dogs cannot stand them so maybe there is a frequency around 50mHz, this is just a speculation of mine.  Calling the objects "lights"  is not accurate because light radiates outward and illuminates the surrounding area. The objects
  • are visible in the darkness and appear to radiate without any illumination.  They appear to be constructed of light while at the same time they cast no light.
I do not have a description that will allow you to accurately picture this and I am sorry.
How do you describe a color to someone who is blind?  That is how I feel trying to describe this now. 
Usually, I am inside and spot them for a second through a window. Last time I was outside because my husband had forgotten to take the garbage out  before leaving for work.  I watched them get closer, I froze, and then my husband was in front of me. I had been standing in my driveway holding a garbage bag for about 6 hours. I was not sore or tired but  did need to blow my nose. When I did blow my nose there was blood and we went to the hospital. They said my sinuses were extremely dry and asked if I had gone swimming because pool chemicals could cause this.
No. No I had not been swimming in years.  I went to my family doctor for a follow up. He said the inside of my left nostril looked like a wound from a burn. It was so painful and randomly started bleeding for about a week. Since my lost time things about me have changed like getting migraines and my "time of the month" was like clockwork before but now it is not predictable. Sorry if that is a little to personal. 
I stay inside at night now and still have no explanations

Sorry for such a long post.

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