In early December 2017, my aunt took her own life. She left behind one biological adult son, Rusty. My brother and aunt were extremely close and my brother saw her as a second mom and even lived with her off and on throughout his life. Losing our aunt at her own hands has been tough, especially for my brother and cousin.

Over Easter weekend, my husband and I along with our children ages 10, 13, and 15 stayed at my brothers home that happened to be our aunt’s home before she passed. This property is out in the country. One neighbor in the near distance but not close enough for us to see their porch lights. Our cousin also lives on the property but not in the main house. In the home on this particular night were also my best friend and her daughter who is 9.

Saturday night, before Easter, the audults were sitting around the table playing a drinking game and having fun just enjoying each other’s company. From where the dining room is, most of us at the table could see into the living room and the front door. My 10 year old son was sitting in the recliner near the front door watching YouTube videos. I’m not going to lie, we did get a bit loud but not drunk by any means. I noticed my 10yr old son turning back towards the front door with a confused look on his face, then we heard it. A set of knocks sounding like it was coming from someone banging on the front door. My son says “mom, someone is at the door.” At this time, my brother and cousin get up and look. No one is there. No tail lights to be seen. The porch itself is enclosed and there is gate on the porch that must be opened and closed for people to get to the front door. The porch itself can be loud if someone is in a hurry when leaving. The dogs in the front yard were laying down as if no one had been knocking at the door. We dismissed it and go about our game. At this point, my husband leaves the game and goes into the living room and sits on the couch. From where he is sitting, he can see directly down the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and restrooms. As we get back into our game and things get loud again we hear a set of knocks that can only be described as police banging at someone’s door. We all get quiet. My brother storms to the front door and opens it as if he is going to kill someone. My husband goes up to my brother and tells him “that did not come from the door, it came from back there” as he points down the hallway to what was our aunts bedroom. My cousin swears it came from the wall behind him which connects to the hallway. After that, my brother starts acting strange. Telling us we need to be quiet and get the kitchen and dining room cleaned up. He cleans up everything and goes to bed. My best friend, cousin, and myself went out back to discuss what just happened.

According to my cousin, when my aunt was ready for bed while guests were over, she would just go to bed with the understanding that folks would keep their voices down. When people were too loud for her liking, she would knock/bang on her bedroom wall to get her point across about their need to keep the noise down. Rusty swears that the knocks were from his mom and that she didn’t like us being so loud.

The next morning, my uncle came home from wherever it was he stayed the night at and I was telling him about the knocking. According to him, my aunt is still around. He told me about a time where he had made the bed, went to get a cup of coffee, came back to the bedroom to find the pillows messed up in the same position my aunt would place them to sleep in.

I believe my aunt may be hanging around to watch over her son.

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