So me my mom and my sister moved house when I was about 4-5.  When I got there my mom went to the attic to search if anything was there when she got up she saw a children's bed and a fish tank with dead fish in she came down and shut the attic not saying anything. 1 month had past  and when my nan would come babysit me and my sister she would hear children's foot steps and bangs. She would come check and I and my sister would be a sleep. One night I didn't go sleep I stayed awake I looked over to my closet and saw a ghostly figure standing there and when I moved my bed made a noise then it saw me it came closer and closer it looked mad, cross I went under the covers and my other hand was out banging on the wall trying to wake my mom up. It didn't work I put my hand under the covers cause I felt a pain on my hand and it was bleeding it scared me then I heard my light turn on I looked out of the covers my hand still bleeding  I looked at my mom then everywhere around my room I didn't see the figure anymore my mom told me what was wrong I told her she didn't believe me . A month had gone by and my mom had a boyfriend then and he lived with us. One day he started crying then came down and started hurting my mom. My sister was watching TV I turned it up loud so she didn't hear them I then heard smashing then the door slammed I go out of the living room and see my mom with a scratch on her back and everything smashed my mom rang the police before my mom done that the window smashed and the lights flickered and after we moved nothing happened again/

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