When I was around 9 (26 now), my brother's friend invited our whole family over to hang out and eat at his old barn house. On the way there, my brother had been talking about how his house was known to be haunted and how his cats would chase the ghost. I was very skeptical at the time and absolutely thought he was just trying to scare me, because he's my annoying big brother and you never know when he's telling the truth.

We took a tour of the house, and from what I can remember, it was a very interesting layout, unlike any i've seen before.

Skipping to the event, all the adults were outside and all of us kids/teens were in the living room/tv room. To give you some perspective, the TV room is all the way to the left end of the house while the door to where the adults were outside, was down a long hallway littered with baby gates for the cats in each archway (about 3 in total) to the right of the house. At the end of the hallway is one more archway and then a kitchen... and then the door to the yard.

I was the youngest of the bunch of about 7 kids and really had nothing in common with them, so I decided to make my way out to where my parents were, outside. I had to climb over each baby gate... and I was small, so it took me a while. When I got to the last archway before entering the kitchen, I don't remember why, but I stopped. It all happened in an instant... the light switch on the wall went down by itself and the lights shut off, then the light switch flicked back up and the lights went on, all on its own! There was no one around but the adults outside and the kids down the hall in the living room. I ran, jumping over the baby gates faster than I ever thought I could have. When I was back in the living room, my brother asked if everything was okay... and I said yes, because I didn't want to look like a crazy/scared little girl in front of all the big kids. It was that moment that really made me question reality.

Nothing strange has happened to me since... but I love listening to people's horror stories, and I'm obsessed with everything horror. Sometimes I wish I could see something strange again... just not in my house.
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