We were visiting New York from Canada during our time off from school .There were three of us staying in a well-known hotel in Times Square. The hotel has floors for regular guests as well as several floors for their snobby "preferred" guests. As we did not feel safe going out at night we stayed in the hotel, which was kind of boring.
One night while we were there 2 of us went to walk around in the hotel. We started riding the elevators to random floors to kill time. At one point we accidentally got into the "preferred" people elevator, and could smell the stench of the rich. It smelled like the distinct odour of the wealthiest portion of Wall Street. A menacing woman gave us an offensive look, asking if we were "going up". We could tell she didn't want us there, but this may have been embarrassment due to her rancid stink of cash.
We went up to the toppest top floor of our hotel and we were traumatized to discover that we had inadvertently made it to the snobbiest snob floor by mistake. Just for a second we felt a feeling of snobbishness overcome us, and immediately went back to another elevator to return to the hobo floors. When we got into the elevator a woman was taking photos of the elevator door with a disgusted expression. Soon after she got off we discovered the horror of American hotels. We saw two hand prints in an explicit position with white "crud" dried all around the finger marks. "Oh my god, someone was screwing the elevator"
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