My family is Japanese and we live in the US, every year i go to my Grandparents's house, this year was no different, i was extremely excited because i always got gifts and all, when i got there my grandparents immediately embraced me and as always gave me gifts,

I decided to go outside and look around a little, as i was looking around, i suddenly heard something, it sounded like "po po po" with a deep masculine voice, i then saw a woman, she was so tall that she could poke her head over the fence (the fence was over 6 feet tall) she turned her head facing me, she then left, i got inside and told my grandfather about it, he immediately looked at me with big open eyes and said "where did you see this woman" and "how tall was she" he showered me with questions and i tried my best to answer them, he then ran to the phone and closed the door behind him, 

I asked my Grandma who that person was, she explained that it was not a person, it was a demon of some sorts that preyed on children, the demon was last sighted 15 years ago and was trapped by buddhist monks, but it somehow got out, an old woman named K-san then came who had a lot of knowledge on Hachishakusama, they insisted that i had to stay in my room and if Hachishakusama came, i needed to pray to the Buddha, K-san also gave me a paper with markings on it and some papers on the window with similar markings, so i went to my room and locked the door, it was pretty quiet the first couple of hours and although my grandma left me alot of snacks, i wasnt hungry and was just watching tv, i suddenly heard tapping on the window, but ignored it because i knew what it was the demon, then i heard my grandpa's voice saying "you come out now, its safe" relieved, i reached for the door but suddenly stopped once i was the papers almost turned pitch black, i then prayed to the Buddha and it began saying that creepy sound again "po po po",

Suddenly i realised it was morning and opened the door and saw my parents, grandparents and k-san, we got to a bus full of people who were relatives of mine, it turned out that a friend of my father was killed by the demon when he was a kid, K-san then said that i could only see the demon, i needed to close my eyes and face the ground, i did so and at first the journey was pretty normal until i heard it.... "po po po" i was crying from fear, i took a quick look and saw the demon suddenly turning her head towards me until the man next to me suddenly said "dont look" and after what seemed like forever we arrived and K-san gave me another paper just in case something happened, i then flew home with my parents, 

My grandfather died a couple years later and i was not allowed to attend his funeral, i then got a phone call, it was from my grandma, she said "it is safe now, you can come, we have gifts for you" and i replied "but grandma, what about hachishakusama?" It then turned silent and i heard "po" po" "po".
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I dont know which category i need to put this, this is said to be a real urban legend but i cannot find any info on it, it doesnt even have a Wikipedia page, there are other people from Japan who claim to have seen her but they're not proven. its possible that this user was really speaking the truth but that the legend is very local. Unfortunately he did not say where this took place, So i dont know whether this is a real Urban Legend or Creepypasta.
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