Sorry for not a long story and pretty vague information, I was remembering this had made my experiences more explainable in a way. So to start this off, this was my aunties experience. She had just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend at the time and they were getting cozy in their new home. In till they came to know a problem, their neighbors had been loud party people and giving the people the benefit of the doubt they didn't go screaming to the people. Her had gone to their door and had kindly asked to keep it down.(keep in mind that it was the middle of the night) The door had opened and it was a big, colored man that had opened the door full of smiles in till( for the purpose of the story lets call him jay) jay had told him what he had to say and the man had this anger like he had offended him in some way. Jay was scared of him and walked back, the man just kept staring in till he got in to their apartment. He had told my auntie what happened and life went in as usual( note that the man had did nothing about the music and kept like that the whole night) in till a week later. They were just about to go to sleep when they heard a knock on the door. They had opened it and the man came rushing in, took jays neck and had stared t strangle him in till he passed out. My auntie had been trying to arm herself but she had nothing around her that would help defend herself, she stuck on the bed horrified. The man had come rushing towards when things went flying like pillows, lamps, shoes anything that was there was being thrown at the man, he soon passed out and everything was quiet. and then a voice coming out of nowhere said " don't worry my child" . And my auntie new that was my great grandma Margo i had never met her personally but i learned she had Alzheimer's in her late age and died shortly before all this. i have so many stories i could tell you about her like hearing knocks seemingly from nowhere and hearing phrases that aren't alarming nut more conferting.
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