Before we get into this story I need to tell you my biggest fear is dolls because of these events


When I was 12 i went to stay with my grandparents whos house is about an hour away from my own home. The room I stay in is a a 15x15 room on the second floor of their house the room contained a bed, tv, a dresser with about 20 dolls on it which belonged to my aunt, and a tiny chair in the corner of the room which has a toddler sized baby doll on it which was owned by my great grandmother who I never met. When I arrived at the house it was around 3 pm so I just sat around with my grandfather talking about cars and wrestling while my grandmother prepared dinner for us. After dinner i went up stairs to watch tv and play video games at around 11 pm I decided to try to get some sleep so I turned off the tv and the light on my bed side table. Finally I fell asleep. At around 1 am i woke up to the sound of something falling I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it was my grandmother or grandfather getting up to get some water or something so i fell asleep again. When i got up at 9 in the morning I got out of bed and noticed something strange, my great grandmother baby doll was sitting and i mean sitting in the middle of the room  at the foot of my bed. After that i knew without a doubt that, the doll my great grandmother owned was possessed.
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