My grandmother's house is haunted. Nearly everyone in my family has experienced something since the house was first built, in 1991.  I would like to share with you a few of the events that either I have witnessed or other family members have described to me.

The first event, that I am aware of, was told to me by my grandmother.  Her and my grandfather had been asleep in bed.  My aunt lived with them, but was not home at the time.  In the middle of the night, she was awoken by what sounded like the kitchen's sliding glass door slamming shut.  She woke up my grandfather saying, "Someone is in the house."  He didn't believe her, but she kept insisting until he got out of bed. He looked around and upon returning, he reported that he was unable to find anyone.  He called said she was dreaming and should go back to sleep.  Grandma just wasn't able to shake the feeling that they weren't alone.  She laid there, unable to fall back to sleep. A short time later, my grandmother heard foot steps walking down the hallway.  Again, she woke my grandfather, but this time he refused to go and look.  She wouldn't let him go back to sleep until he went with her to the bathroom.  The bathroom is located in the hallway and surrounded by the house's three bedrooms. Grandpa stood in the door frame, with his back to her while she did her business.  He thought he would make fun of her and boldly announced, "If anyone is in this house, show yourself!"  Just then, all 3 bedroom doors rattled and slammed shut!  

Years later, I am a teenager and staying with them.  I watched my younger cousin at night, while they both worked third shift. We had a late night ritual of watching t.v. and making pancakes.  We were in the kitchen when my little Pomeranian, ran to the hallway entrance.  He stood there, frozen, growling like he was a dog four times his size.  Grabbing kitchen knives, we headed down the hallway.  We checked each room, but came up empty. Until we got to my grandparent's room.  I opened the door and gasped.  The whole room looked as if a tornado had ripped through it.  Clothing was thrown from the dresser.  The mattresses where pushed off the bed.  All of the lights where on and my grandmother's nick-knacks where knocked off the end tables.  We checked every inch of the room, but no one was there and there was no way anyone would have been able to get past us.

The last thing I will put here is the white lady.  As cliche as it may seem, there is a white lady who walks through the large yard.  The house is surrounded by woods, with a small creek acting as the barrier my grandparent's yard and the neighbor's.  From time to time, if you look outside, you can see what looks like a woman with dark hair and a white dress walk from the creek area.  She makes her way across the yard and back into the woods.  If you try to go outside and to speak to her, she will be gone by the time you open the door.  We started seeing her in 2002.  I remember this because I was in high school the first time I saw her.  The couple of us who first saw this, wrote it up to our imaginations, sleep walking, or tricks of the light.  Then, one day my grandmother's neighbor approached her and to complain about us kids.  She said she would see a dark haired female in her woods at night and assumed it was one of us.  The thing is...We would never go onto that land. Before it belonged to the neighbor, it belonged to my oldest aunt.  In 2000, she went missing for 2 weeks before her body was found on the side of the interstate.  The case was never solved.
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