Let me start this story off by saying I grew up in the military. My dad was in the air force and my family moved around a lot. I have lived in many haunted homes before, and have experience a lot of paranormal activiti in my life. This story however is about the time my grandma was not happy with my dad being deployed.

Back in the Spring of 2008 my dad got orders for Iraq, and by the summer he had deployed. The night my dad left was a hard one for me. I wanted to stay up all night because I didn't want to dream about my dad dying, but I had school in the morning so around 10 I forced myself to go to bed. This is where it gets weird.

That night my room was very cold mind you this was still summer in Missouri, and the nights do not get very cold. At first I thought the AC was just on full blast, but when I checked the thermostat it read 75. I brushed the cold off as it just being all in my head and put more blankets on my bed. Even with the extra blankets my room still fealt like a freezer. Around midnight things got out of hand.

It all started with me getting this feeling that I was being watched. I would wake up to see a black shadow standing at the foot of my bed looking at me. I also fealt my body being lifted off the bed and fall back down a couple of times. I heard a voice in my ear whispering something i could not make out. Again I brushed it all off as being in my head, but I turned my light back on anyways. Even with the light the activity did not stop.

Around 1 I turned the light back off as it was preventing me from sleeping even more then the feeling of being watched or the voice. I eventually fell asleep at 1:30, but was not asleep for long.

At 2 in the morning the smoke detectors went off. I jumped out of my bed and was about to jump out the window when they stopped ringing. Thinking I had dreamed the whole thing I went back to bed. Not 10 minutes later the alarms went back off. This time I ran upstairs to see what was up.

I found my mom in the upstairs hallway staring up at one of the detectors. I asked her where the fire was and she had no clue. We were just staring at the detector when the one in my room went off, setting the other ones off in the process.

I had, had it by this point and told my mom I was sleeping on the couch. Even on the couch the thing would not leave me alone. It came upstairs around 3, and for the rest of the night kept poking me with long bony fingers.

I endured three months of this kind of torment such as levitation, voice, objects being moved, cold spots, and even physical attacks before my mom told me who was behind all this.

When desert storm was happing my dad would get phone calls from his mom everyday telling him he was not going to war, and if he did she would write her congress man to bring him back home. My gradma had died back in 2004, and since she couldn't writ her congress man to complain about her son going to war she bugged me instead. My mom said it was because I was more open minded then my sister, and my grandma never liked my mom.

My gradma would continue to haunt me until the day my dad retired from the air force, I can still feel her presence every once in awhile, but my cat keeps her at bay now.
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